The Kama Sutra and Masturbation: Five Pieces of Ancient Wisdom About Pleasure

The is no sensual text quite like the Kama Sutra for increasing pleasure and intimacy. While the Kama Sutra doesn’t touch on masturbation outright, it does touch on genital touching in general and is very sex-positive. While written for couples, there is a lot of information and guidance that can be applied to self-love, so much in fact that it was easy to find five ways the Kama Sutra elevates masturbation. Here’s five of the biggest game-changers the ancient text delivers for an extraordinary experience with the self.

#1: Open the Mind and Heart

Like any person searching for enlightenment, it’s important to have an open mind and heart. Masturbation is a simple function, but it doesn’t have to be routine or boring. By approaching the sensual art of self-pleasure in the same way a man would pleasuring a lover, he can find a greater sense of pleasure and ecstasy.

#2: Remove Guilt from Self-Pleasure

Unlike other sacred traditions which villainize bodily pleasure, the Kama Sutra celebrates it. Sex is a healthy activity that honors the body. It both relaxes the nerves and stimulates blood flow around the body. Aside from physical benefit, intimacy with the self is a beautiful thing and removes societal conditioning like blame, shame, and guilt from sexual urges and pleasure. Once the mind is free of guilt, it can truly explore all the goodies the Kama Sutra provides masturbation.

This removal of guilt allows a man to draw-out and enjoy the process of self-pleasuring. They can relax and go slower, which is not only good mentally, but physically as well. Men who utilize a “death grip” or stroke fast and furious are more likely to cause tiny tears in the skin that lead to scarring or decreased sensation. This acceptance of masturbation as a positive and healing act keeps the penis is tip-top shape for intimacy with a partner as well.

#3: Embrace Diversity

The Kama Sutra has no shortage of positions for couples to try. From the Padlock to the Rocking Horse, there are tons of ways to enjoy intimacy with a partner. Applying this to self-gratification, one can experience new solo sensations by experimenting with hand positions, pleasure aids, different lubricants, different locations for masturbation, and even exploring other erogenous zones in tandem with masturbation.

Guys who use their left hands should switch to the right for all the new feels. Use a penis sleeve instead with lube to upgrade self-pleasure to exciting heights. Masturbate in the shower instead of only in bed. Maybe it’s time to switch things up and stroke with the left hand while stimulating the perineum with the right. If the Kama Sutra teaches anything, it’s to experiment and explore!

#4: Get Tantric

Tantra is a game-changer and is all over the Kama Sutra. Using tantra, men are encouraged to enjoy the journey (of a thousand strokes) rather than stroking fast and orgasming in under ten seconds. Tantra engages the mind and prolongs the pleasure. Here’s how to implement some tantric methods when masturbating:

– Fantasize before even touching the penis. Use the mind rather than pictures or movies.

– Slowly undress and pay attention to the feeling of air on the genital area.

– Using a lubricant, slowly stroke the penis while continuing the internal fantasy.

– When the release is near, slow down or completely stop stroking the penis until ready to begin again.

– Repeat until ready for release.

Slowing down the process not only makes the penis more sensitive in general but also intensifies the orgasm. It’s next-level masturbation.

#5: Keep it Clean

It’s only natural that a text about sex includes properly cleaning and anointing (a fancy word for moisturizing) the body before and after sex. Men who solo play should clean up with a gentle wash and thorough rinse. Afterward, air dry or pat dry the penis with a soft towel. Then, reward the penis by applying a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). to keep it protected, smooth, and always ready for action. Products like this not only keep skin soft and supple but also prevent against peripheral nerve damage and keep bacteria at bay ensuring he is always prepared for pleasure.