Ask a group of ten women to tell you what’s pushing their stress buttons and they’ll give you ten different answers.

Life is stressful. We can’t avoid it. However too much stress causes all kinds of problems like premature aging as well as other physical symptoms. Remember, symptoms are the key indicators that reveal what is really going on. Your body asks for help by exhibiting symptoms.

Begin by asking yourself: What are my top five stress buttons? Are you struggling with relationships, work, illness, finances or poor nutrition? Once you identify your main points of stress, you can modify or even eliminate some of what’s pushing your stress buttons. Pay attention to when you feel that knot in your stomach, a lump in your throat, nervousness, or sweaty palms. What makes you feel uneasy or agitated? Identify your triggers and attempt to cut them out of your life if you can.

Stress unchecked can become a vicious cycle and can be challenging to resolve as chronic stress turns into a lifestyle rather than just a set of physical symptoms.

10 Common Symptoms of Stress

*Frequent headaches
*Excess anxiety & worry
*Depression or wild Mood Swings
*Insomnia or Nightmares
*Difficulty concentrating or Brain Fog
*Increased Irritability
*Social withdrawal and isolation
*Constant tiredness & Fatigue
*Unexplained weight gain or loss
*Increased smoking, alcohol or drug use

While you cannot eliminate every point of stress from your life – The good news is, with proper self-care: nutrition, regular exercise, supplements targeted specifically for Stress and a healthy lifestyle you can defuse stress without it wreaking havoc on your system.

Our five BEST Antidotes to Stress

Cultivate Friendships – Developing friendships and a sense of belonging is essential to optimal health. Your relationships with others greatly influence your mental health, that is: your happiness, self-esteem, and ability to create, love, and work.

Lower the Bar – You don’t need to be perfect. Perfectionism is something that consumes a huge amount of energy while creating stress and anxiety. Try to let go of your high expectations and accept life’s little imperfections.

Take Time to Breathe – It’s amazing to experience the power of your own breath – to feel what it’s like to inhale deeply and fill the bottom of your lungs with some oxygen. Try deep belly breathing to create a sense of peace.

Sleep More – An old Italian proverb says, “Bed is a medicine.” It’s true. Lack of sleep increases your stress hormone cortisol and can cause weight gain, mood swings, fatigue, increased irritability, memory loss, and decreased focus, all while making it harder for you to fall asleep in the first place. Sufficient sleep is essential for daily body repair, re-balance, and rejuvenation. Get those zzzzs back into your life.

Take Naps – First of all, Drop the Guilt! A brief, 10-30 minute nap benefits heart function and hormonal balance and helps with brain neuron and cell repair. It also reduces your stress hormones, while it improves alertness, cognition, and memory. So get a cozy blanket and doze off!

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