5 Common Sense Reasons, To Remain Vigilant, About Public Health Issues

The vast majority of people, would agree, we have experienced an unfortunate, horrific, public health crisis, because of this pandemic, of COVID19. Those paying attention, and being ready, willing, and/ or, able, to effectively listen to the advice and recommendations of the public health experts, understand, the only way, to bring this, to a more controllable, safer level, was, first, restricting contact with others, except for essential needs, and loyally, consistently, respecting the concept and necessity, for Social Distancing, and the benefits of wearing a mask. Although, President Trump, either, actually, believed it was a hoax (as he articulated, early – on), believed it was far less dangerous, than it ended – up, being, didn’t feel this fit neatly into his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, or, merely made some sort of mistake, etc, we must now, reopen America, incrementally, and measured by specific expert – designed/ created, set of metrics, rather than, using public health and safety, as a sort of political – football! While many understand the smart approach, and, although, they may be stir – crazy, and feeling the economic impact, there are those, who, either don’t believe, understand, or care about the potential dangers, of proceeding, haphazardly, and not paying attention to what’s needed. How many more must die, and/ or, be infected by this virus, before you care? While, the nation reopens, those doing so, more quickly (with fewer restrictions/ precautions/ planning) have seen, undesirable recurrences, of this disease. With that in mind, 5 common sense steps/ approaches, etc, we need to understand, and use, and, thus, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, why this is important.

1. Important to continue Social Distancing, and wearing a mask: Since, it’s clear, obeying the principles/ concepts of Social Distancing, and wearing a mask, has worked, effectively, and, significantly, reduced the spread of the pandemic, why are some people, resisting using this type of common sense? Those, declaring, their, so – called, freedom, is more valuable than the health, and lives, of others, are, both, despicable, and failing to properly understand, what freedom, truly represents and means!

2. Many states experiencing more cases: While, about 20 states, are experiencing, spiking in the number of new cases, states, such as New York, have, not, merely, flattened – the – curve, but bent – it! Areas, where reopening has been, more gradual, planned, and using public health guidelines, etc, are now, doing best, in terms of the public’s health, and well – being!

4. Common sense: It’s way, past – time, to employ some common sense, and pay attention, in order, to be better prepaid, and minimize any negative ramifications of any second – wave!

5. This is serious, and NOT over!: Take this seriously, and proceed wisely, because the actual dangers, and potential ramifications, are serious, and not, close, to being over!

No one wants, or seeks any form of economic hardship, but, while, one can still make money, in the future, and restore most, if not all, the damage, you can’t restore your life, as the over 110, 000 Americans, who, so far, have died from this horrific pandemic! Use your head, before, it’s too late!