Masturbation is a highly personal process, and whatever works for a man is generally the best way to go. However, there’s always something new to learn, and it may behoove a man to consider tips and tricks for amplifying his pleasure. On the other hand, there are certain self-gratification methods that can impede one’s sex life, and these are worth avoiding for most men. Since frequent use is important for penis health, keeping masturbation enjoyable without compromising sexual performance with a partner is imperative. The following tips will help.

1) Beware of “unusual sensations.” If a man masturbates primarily by using stimulation that is very different from anything he’d experience with a sexual partner – for instance, vacuum hoses, Jacuzzi jets or a chokehold grip – then he may not be able to enjoy sex with a partner as much as he could, or even at all.

When the penis is repeatedly subjected to these “unusual sensations” to bring about orgasm, it can become trained to only respond to such sensations. That means a partner’s touch, mouth and body may not be able to invoke pleasure, erection and ejaculation from the otherwise-trained penis. This can create significant relationship problems, along with hurting a man’s self-esteem.

2) Try different techniques. Men generally have their preferred grip and rhythmic patterns down by the time they enter adulthood, but why not try something new? Some alternative methods men may not have considered include:

– Lubing up the palm and rubbing the tip against it

– Focusing on the base of the penis

– Edging – bringing oneself to the brink of release, then stopping, then starting again, and so on three or four times before allowing release

– Tugging gently on the balls just before and during climax

These different sensations may lead to a different level of orgasm – well worth the experiment!

3) Take it easy with the hardcore visuals. Some men find, upon reflection, that the videos and pictures they use when masturbating may have escalated on the hardcore factor over time. If a man relies solely on such materials, he is training his penis to respond sexually to such things. When it comes to actual partner sex, he isn’t likely to recreate the scenarios in extreme videos and images, and therefore may find himself incapable of full sexual pleasure with a person in the flesh.

4) Try some toys. Sex toys certainly aren’t just for women. Some men enjoy anal stimulation and would benefit from a dildo, vibrator or beads. Other men may prefer to simulate a vagina with a purchased toy like the fleshlight; others may want to take a DIY approach. Here are a few homemade options:

– Put a condom inside a cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tube.

– Wet two sponges in warm water and fit them into a cup.

– Fill a plastic baggie with lube and stick it between couch cushions.

– Roll down the cuff of a sock, put a medical glove inside it, fill the glove with lube and go to town.

Toys like this can give men a new experience and are easy to make with things that are lying around the house.

5) Use lube. Some men love the dry rub – and this can be fine for men who produce ample natural lubrication. But for most, additional lubrication is key to preventing dry, chafed and sore penile skin. This can result even from masturbation with lubrication, though. Along with using lube, men can apply a moisturizer to their members after showering so that their skin is going into the session thoroughly hydrated. A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is an ideal option for men in need of a boost in the skin condition department.