Self Help Skills to Attain Self Satisfaction

Self improvement comes with self help. Knowing your own self acts in the way to correct you and helps you to lead your life in a better way. Some say that perfection is impossible to attain but with determination one can at least get near to perfection.

Leading a basic lifestyle is mandatory but when that life is lead with one’s own improved thoughts it adds more meaning to it. Obtaining self help skills can bring about a change economically, intellectually, emotionally and most importantly psychologically.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

Food habits play a big role in your daily life. So ‘breaking your fast’ in the morning with a proper and healthy diet is the most important routine of the day.

Morning should always start with heavy and healthy food that should contain carbohydrates, proteins, minerals which can be obtained from foods like juice, omelettes, oats etc.

Egg yolks should be avoided as they add to body cholesterol levels. Lunch should be moderate not too heavy with preferred daal, rice, curry, and, dahi. Milk products are very good for skin nourishment. you should avoid heavy dinner because at night body activities slows down so food instead of breaking down gets collected in the body in the form of fats.

Dress properly to feel good.

A womanish thought though, yet does prove right that when you’re upset you dress to look good. It’s a known cure to depression.

When you dress well you feel good. This not only has emotional inclination but also a practical view point. Dressing good makes you look presentable and you know you can win over. It makes you attractive and you easily come to the limelight and that in turn increases your confidence. And the confidence adds on to your grace and makes you dynamic.

Listen to all, but say just once.

Saying something too much never adds value. When you want to make impression say it just once but strong. You may want to say a lot together but say only when you are given a chance to. Talking polite yet stern makes you more convincing to others. Often people talk a lot losing the base but if you want an impression of your personality you should listen to all and defer none. Whenever required you should politely offer your views. Speech is silver but silence is golden.

Cleanliness and hygiene adds to safety.

Hygiene not only means personal hygiene but also cleanliness of the surrounding. Eating on clean plates and tables, washing clothes and sheets regularly, sanitation etc are equally important to maintain good health. It does not come with money but with self consciousness. It helps in ways like:

  • Making a good individual
  • Developing sense of responsibility towards the society
  • Well being of people
  • Importance of living a healthy life

Mostly when we talk of self help we think of education, business, career etc but we often neglect that life offers you with the best education ever and the basic tips we acquire to lead a healthy life are not written in any book but are sought through self practice and learning re-learning skills.