Yoga is very effective and powerful way for kids to build up strong and healthy body. It requires no tools and can be practiced anywhere to develop patience, self-understanding and confidence. Yogis are approached to learn yoga in order to strengthen imagination and enhance creative thinking skills of kids. Yoga poses are integrated with other games and adventures for all children.

Benefits Of yoga For Kids

Kids get enormous benefits from yoga. It enhances physical flexibility, wisdom, strength, coordination, concentration, calmness and relaxation. Kids develop an intimate relation with natural world and inner-self while doing yoga, exercise and playing any game of liking. Marvelous inner light surfaces in kids in practicing yoga asanas. Pose of lion gives child an experience of power just like a behavior of the lion, sense of aggression and the time to retreat. True meaning of union, expression and honor for oneself in the delicate web of life is made known to kids through yoga.

Children gain control over bodies and minds. Kids strike poses from nature and animals like pose of a snake, a tree and dogs. They move their bodies in fun to bring unity to their own lives. Self-discipline is learnt by doing slow down poses, holding postures, breathe in a different way. The children, parents and grandparents practice yoga asanas together to create a feeling of closeness in children with their loved ones. Meditation and breathing techniques of yoga help them to calm down and focus on studies in a better way.

Kids face school pressure, incessant lessons, video games and competitive sports and yoga lessen stress. They have bustling pace in their lives which affect them profoundly and is not good for kids. These pressures are countered by the yoga techniques to bring inner fulfillment, relaxation and self-health importance. It encourages self-esteem, body awareness, compassion and fostering cooperation which is a great gift for kids.

Yoga Poses For Kids

Light and simple techniques are taught to kids in a laughing way just to take it as if it is a funny game to play with. Begin yoga by sitting in circle and chanting ‘OM’ to feel strong vibrations generated in a group. It is also practiced by telling them an interesting story to take their minds away to far off places. Make them to feel like flying in a plane because children love to spread their wings while playing any game.

Most of the asanas are named after animals to make kids to follow those animals. There are some easy postures like Svanasana, Bhujangasana, Tadasana can be practiced by kids. They love to follow postures of tree and monuments like Tadasana, Trikonasana, Virabhadrasana make them strong like a warrior and vigilant like eagle. Garudasana and Bhujangasana make them feel like cobra and posture named Natarajasana make them to enjoy like a poised and beautiful dancer dancers. Paschimottanasana is a good stretching posture to get relaxed.