The Three Stages of Personal Development for Moms

When was the last time you practiced self care? It can be something as simple as listening to your own music or as complex as going out for a night with the girls. Self care is an important part of motherhood that is often overlooked, and personal development is often the first thing to go. As human beings, we all desire to grow, but as mothers, we look at any kind of personal development as something that should be put off “until the kids are older” or “after the kids are out of the house.”

We all need personal development in order to feel like we’re going somewhere, even if we’re staying right here with our families. Personal development is also important because it teaches your children to reach for the starts throughout their entire lives instead of just while they’re still young. Recognizing the three stages of personal development is the first step to making it a big part of your self care routine.

The first stage if known as stagnant, which means you aren’t changing or growing at all. Stagnant moms are more like hamsters on a wheel, continually moving but never going anywhere. Moms who are in the stagnant stage of personal development usually don’t exercise, feel sad without knowing why, and even wear the same clothes several times a week. Getting out of the stagnant stage starts with recognizing which areas of life you want to grow in and then making strides in those areas, whether it’s financial, work, health, hobbies, relational, personal, legacy, or spiritual.

The second stage of personal development is motion, and moms who are in this stage are starting to move toward their goals. They understand the importance of personal growth, but they are not yet consistently meeting their goals. Moving on from the motion stage requires full knowledge of your goals and consistency in meeting those goals.

The final stage of personal development is acceleration. Moms in this stage of growth are consistently achieving their dreams and moving faster toward the things they want out of life. Just remember that striving for your dreams is never selfish, even if you are a mom. Your kids are watching everything you do, and they will feel like they can do anything when they see mom achieving her goals.

Don’t be afraid to dream, but make sure you move toward those dreams as quickly as you can!