Summer alcohol drinking can be dangerous if not consumed responsibly especially if someone has had a problem with addictions in the past. It’s very easy to over consume alcohol when at social gatherings such as picnics, sports events, and friendly get-togethers.

Sometimes just because of the weather conditions we may feel urged to drink. Instead of drinking water which our body may be thirsting for due to the heat we may grab an alcoholic drink. There’s nothing wrong with having an alcoholic drink if you can have one and not have any side effects. The problem comes in when you have an addiction problem and you may be prone to over consumption.

Summer alcohol drinking is very common especially at parties and outdoor social events. This can be very tempting especially if you’re trying to remain alcohol free. Many of us face this dilemma and wonder if we’d be better off staying at home and avoiding the situation. This just depends on how you feel.

If you feel unsure about being around alcohol and feel that you may end up having a drink or several drinks, then it’s better for you not to attend. But, if you have a good plan, then you can be prepared to handle these situations and social activities.

If you have many different social functions to attend or parties, then just concentrate on one at a time. Use your imagination to picture yourself having a great time without having an alcoholic drink. Your focus should be on having fun and avoiding your triggers for having alcohol. Use your imagination to navigate through the entire event and see yourself successfully handling the situation. Also, be ready to know what you’re going to order in advance when you step up to the bar order your non-alcoholic beverage.

Dress up for the occasion and feel good about how you look and who you are. If you look good and feel good then you also feel confident. Once at the social gathering make sure and mingle and open yourself up to other people. By being a good listener to someone or a group of people you can really not only get to know people, but also give them what they crave for, attention. Most people receive such little attention that if you’re able to provide that for them not only will your focus be on them instead of yourself, but you would both feel much better and possibly develop a good relationship with them.