It is true that the sexual attraction of Scorpio women is generally quite strong. Scorpios are very sexual people, and are attracted to similar men. Scorpio is probably the most passionate of the Zodiac signs, and you’ll have to know a few things before making an approach. This article will help you cover the basics.

First of all, you’ll need to understand that no matter what star sign a woman is, you need to be clean, confident, and give the impression of stability. No matter what kind of star sign specific moves you make on any woman, you will fail if you can’t get these 3 basic principles to show. This is first and foremost the best tips there is in attracting women.

Scorpio women are attracted to passion and sexuality. You’ll need to come off as an intense, perhaps mysterious kind of guy. Again, Scorpios are probably one of the more difficult type to attract, as you’ll need to come across aggressive, but not too dangerous. You may also find that Scorpio women are equally aggressive, especially when it comes to sex.

Scorpio women may try to constantly “one up” on you. That is, they might seem to be in a constant competition with you. This could be in sport, or at the bar. They might flirt with other men to make you jealous. Keep your cool, and go hit (subtly) on other women if this happens.

Scorpios are attracted to the James Bond types. Don’t make up any fake 007 stories about yourself, but don’t be scared to over-exaggerate your life experiences. Some Scorpio women will fall instantly for this kind of guy, and fall hard. Scorpios tend to be quite possessive once caught.