Female Orgasms – Here Are 7 Ways Women Can Experience Incredible Sexual Pleasure And Climax

Clitoral orgasms are the only type of climax most women will ever have. But this is not due to an inability to experience other types of female orgasms, but rather a lack of awareness and education.

As men, we need to educate ourselves to be able to give our women incredible SEXUAL PLEASURE — it rarely happens by luck or chance.

So read on now and discover not one, but seven ways a woman can come.

The 7 Most Common Types Of Female Orgasm

1. Clitoral Orgasms

These orgasms are the result of clitoral stimulation. The clitoris can be stimulated with your fingers or through the performance of oral sex.

Whatever method you use — pressure and speed are critical.

2. Vaginal Orgasms

These are incredibly powerful and pave the way for multiple, squirting and anal climaxes too.

Vaginal orgasms can happen due to g-spot or deep spot stimulation.

3. Multiple Orgasms

If your woman has more than one climax in a sexual session — she’s having multiple orgasms. These usually only occur once the vaginal orgasms are happening.

4. Squirting Orgasms

These are usually a result of g-spot or deep spot vaginal orgasms and greatly increase a woman’s pleasure as she comes.

Squirting orgasms are extremely exciting. In order to squirt, a woman must relax her PC muscles as she climaxes and ‘push’.

5. Anal Orgasms

Perhaps the most mind-blowing of all the orgasms that a woman can experience. Anal orgasms are a surprisingly easy thing to make happen once you are regularly giving your woman g-spot vaginal orgasms.

6. Nipple Orgasms

Some women have incredibly sensitive nipples. For such women, orgasm can occur with nipple stimulation alone. The nipples can be licked, sucked and nibbled.

7. Completely Mental Orgasms

Yes, women can have orgasms with no physical stimulation whatsoever. The way to make this happen is with A LOT of dirty talk. The mental orgasm, or ‘mindgasm’ as it is sometimes known is a game changer… once you give your woman a mindgasm — giving her any other type of orgasm becomes ridiculously easy.

Of all the orgasms on this list, the vaginal ones are the most important to get working because they lead to so many other types and are incredibly pleasurable for your woman.

To give your woman her first big “O” of the vaginal kind I suggest that you focus on her g-spot (a very sensitive area inside her vagina).