Self-Help – Fixing Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

Getting ready to have a good session of games, you turn on the power and the ring of green lights is lit. You would be taken aback if you came across a ring of red lights on your console instead.

The red ring of death indicates a general failure in the hardware of the system. It is impossible for you to get to play your games, unless the Xbox 360 ring of death is repaired. In case your system is still under warranty, you can avail the facility of the Microsoft’s repair center to get it fixed. Which would involve packaging and shipment to McAllen, Texas; also you may have to wait for 6-8 weeks for its return. If your system is not under warranty, sending it to Microsoft for repair will cost you about $140 plus shipping charges.

So, the ones whose systems have out-lived the warranty time, try finding solutions for the Xbox 360 red ring of death, which are not this expensive. They run searches over the internet to find reasonably practical Xbox 360 repair solutions. However, where there are some great solutions, there are also some not so good ones. These may even end up ruining your system.

The best method of getting the Xbox 360 ring of death fixed is to do it yourself. But you should know that there will be soldering involved in it. Many players have successfully repaired their Xbox 360 ring of death problem. Though many without needed skills or information have blown their systems.

In case you have decided to get a self-fix, ensure you have good Xbox 360 repair guide for help. The most commendable repair guide I have seen is The Xbox 360 red light fix Pro Gamer Edition. You may be able to achieve good results using this Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Gamer Edition within 2 hours, as per experts. This will also allow you to save money, while getting you Xbox 360 repaired. This is obviously better than spending 4140 and waiting for 6-8 weeks, for getting the Xbox 360 red ring of death problems fixed.