What happens to your body on Viagra?


As your old fella regains some life, you breathe easy. Your lungs’ alveolar capillaries – the channels that transfer oxygen into your bloodstream – dilate, supplying your heart and muscles with the fuel to support your soon-to-be gyrating loins. As well as improving your performance, the American Physiological Society has found that this can enhance cardiovascular performance by up to 45 percent, so you can go purple in the head, and not the face.


Viagra not only stiffens your resolve, it opens your heart. It blocks an enzyme that constricts the tubes around your heart – expanding the channels that lead to your ticker. This can lower blood pressure by 50 percent. Researchers at the American College of Cardiology have found Viagra can be as effective at fending off a coronary as many heart drugs. If a permanent hard-on seems a high price for low blood pressure, then just stick to less than 2.4g of salt a day.


Two heads are better than one. By expanding the vessels in your brain, Viagra helps improve your memory and attention span. As it gives your pole a vault, the neural pathways in your head expand. Researchers at the Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, found this increased blood flow can result in the regeneration of damaged brain cells, leading them to speculate that it could be a potential cure for stroke patients.


While giving your trouser snake a leg-up, it lowers blood pressure to your eyes. The choroid layers – which supply blood to your eyeballs – are left bereft, as your heart and balls work the blood required to raise your fancy. This shortfall can leave you temporarily colour blind. Avoid driving for 12 hours, as research from Stanford University has found you’re 16 percent more likely to make a beeline for the nearest ditch.


Are you sitting down? Sildenafil, the substance in Viagra that activates your love length, gets to work relaxing the arteries that supply your manhood with blood. This high-pressure flow rushes into the twin barrels that run up your penis – the corpora cavernosa – holding it aloft long enough for you to give her both barrels. The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction is poorly designed cycle seats, which can choke blood flow to your member by 85 percent. Spend cash and get a decent seat.