Jedi Mind Tricks to Help You Keep Your New Years Resolutions and to Reach Your Goals of Success!

Have you ever made a New Years Resolution? Now more importantly, have you ever KEPT your New Years Resolution? What were the circumstances?

For instance, some people will make New Years Resolutions together and they keep each other honest and support each other to be successful. Other people may find this competition helps to fuel their desire to keep to their goals. While other people may just feel that this is added pressure and so they make New Years Resolutions and keep them a secret.

All of these strategies can be successful IF they match your style of motivation. The key is the Jedi Mind Trick to understand who you are and what works best to motivate you and keep you on the road toward success.

Some people need a push to keep them on target, where as other people will feel annoyed by being pushed around and they will push back instead of reaching their goals. Motivation for one person may be distraction for another.

It is best to understand yourself and understand your motivation strategies. What works great for someone else may just annoy you. What works brilliantly for you because it matches your own strategy, may just work OK for someone else.

I do my best to write tips and techniques that you can tailor to your own needs and to get you to ask those vital questions that will make the tips and techniques match your own strategies. Most of us probably already realize the importance of drinking the recommended 8 glasses of fresh, clean water everyday. The only people I know who do this have used some of these Jedi Mind Tricks to make it easy.

In hypnosis and NLP (neuro linguistic programming ) we often tell people that “trying is lying” because it sets you up to fail. Or we joke about the Star Wars character, Yoda in “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” Do not try, DO!

For this article I will use drinking water as an example of a habit that someone wants to establish. Also, the morning is a great time to start any new good habit because for most people it will be easier to drink 8 glasses of water all throughout the day, than all at once.

*To help clarify and drive home the point so that is feels right, sounds inspiring and makes perfect sense and is easy to grasp and understand.

The above phrase contains words that can open the doorways to most readers, regardless of their strategies and motivational styles. A person can read about someone drinking a glass of water and imagine someone drinking water and they may imagine drinking water themselves.

Thinking about the recommendation to drink water causes them to hear this trusted voice of experience guiding them to feel good drinking water.

Someone reading the account of water making every cell in their body healthy and full of vital energy and youth and they will most likely want to feel younger, healthier and full of vital energy so motivates them to drink more water.

Other people may think of the damaging effects of dehydration and how it shrinks cells and makes the blood and organs groan with extra work and adds to the stress and weighs on them and their health and they will feel compelled to drink several glasses of water to make up for any damage and to get back to being more healthy.

Drink water or else!

Drink water and start to live a more enjoyable long and healthy life may totally inspire someone to drink more water.

As an example, a recent client wanted to be healthier and drink more water. We designed hypnosis suggestions where she could feel and know when her body needed water, long before she actually experienced the sensation of thirst.

She would get a dry chapped feeling inside, see a glimpse of a camel in the scorching hot dessert with a lizard dashing across the road and buzzards circling above in the air with that hot blazing sun beating down on her.

Then as she reached for her water ( or bought a bottle of water ), she would start to experience this amazing feeling of wellness–as if in a beautiful rain forest all lush and full of healthy life and as she drank the water this fantastic feeling continued to get better and better and better…

Each sip of water led her to imagine every cell of her body and muscles becoming more and more healthy and alive and well and it brought her more and more pleasure and happiness. Before she knew it, she was up to the recommended 8 glasses of water and because she established this as a habit she will be able to do this for the rest of her long and healthy life. Drinking water started as a chore then became a journey of self discovery. Now drinking water gives her all the health benefits and allows her to feel amazing.