Is Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Right For You?

Self hypnosis is a proven method for losing weight by men and women under very special circumstances. When making a decision whether to use this technique for weight loss, a number of questions will arise: who can I trust, how long will it take, will hypnosis alone do the trick, are there any harmful effects, are just some of the questions. While there are many promoters of audio and video tapes representing fast weight loss through self hypnosis, it is important to distinguish between those that offer a more comprehensive weight loss regime and not just relying on self hypnosis as an instant cure. A study conducted by Vanderbilt University was critical of most Self Hypnosis Weight Loss strategies offered on the Internet but did indicate that there were some web sites offering what appeared to them to be legitimate weight loss programs involving self hypnosis.

Here we provide useful information to important information that you should find useful in your decision whether to use self hypnosis as a weight reduction solution, when diets and pills have not
worked for you or if you are considering self hypnosis as your first attempt at weight loss. The good news is that weight loss through self hypnosis is generally considered safe when you have been properly trained and advised by someone who is qualified to train people in such techniques. Also, the cost of this form of weight loss is generally less expensive than many other options, if in your particular case you do not require any additional methodology to achieve your goal. However, most people will require one or more other supplemental techniques in order to be successful, such as exercise and nutritional counseling. For those who want a quick fix, other options are available but are much more expensive such as Bariatric weight loss, which we discuss in detail in one of our associated articles.

There are a few organizations that provide professional oversight and certification standards to help maintain standards and ethics in the hypnotherapy field. The American Council of Hypnotism Examiners is perhaps the most relied upon organization, that also certifies hypnotherapy schools as well. Another organization the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, was instituted in the 1990’s in order to provide standards for the hypnosis industry has developed a certification process for practitioners. The National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists describes itself as “an educational, scientific, and professional organization dedicated to professionalizing hypnotherapy. Promote public and professional awareness of the benefits of hypnotherapy and Promote scientific investigation into the uses of hypnotherapy.” Therefore, it is advisable to ask anyone you are considering purchasing training materials from or undergoing direct self hypnosis training whether they have been certified by a noted organization, or if they were trained at an accredited school.

While being certified is substantial verification of the hypnosis practitioner, it is not always fool proof or the only determining factor when getting involved with self hypnosis. As in the medical field, there are doctors who are not board certified in their particular area of medicine but are none-the-less capable and serve their patients well. It is advisable to see if there are any testimonials or references to provide independent verification of the practitioner’s abilities.

In conclusion, as you continue to consider your weight loss options, consider claims that appear to be too good to be true and whether other options may be more suitable for you depending on your articular circumstances such as Bariatric Weight Loss which we provide additional information on as one alternative Self Hypnosis Weight Loss.