How to Give Maximum Sexual Pleasure to Your Woman

Men and women connect physically and emotionally during sex and it is important to give maximum sexual pleasure to your woman to make the connection and the relationship stronger. Unfortunately, there are times that you find it hard to satisfy her and you have to bear with the feeling of inadequacy and insecurities. But you do not have to stay clueless because pleasing a woman in bed is a skill that can be learned and the following tips can be very helpful to bring your woman to the heights of ecstasy and make her beg for more.

Understand that it takes time for women to get aroused. You may get discouraged or tired if you think you can rush her. You have to understand that women deal with desire and lust differently from men. They need time to get aroused and to be emotionally ready for sexual intercourse. You may start arousing her outside the bedroom or hours before the whole sexual act. Flirting and naughty talking can get her into the mood and when you are already inside the bedroom, it will take a long foreplay for her to finally get aroused. Understanding how and when women get aroused is important if you want to give maximum sexual pleasure to your woman in bed.

Add variety in your lovemaking. Sex is not just a ritual that couples do and to give maximum sexual pleasure to your woman you have to introduce new things. New things do not mean using chains, handcuffs or other dangerous things. There are a lot of different things that you can do to make your lovemaking more exciting like using sex furniture to try new sex positions. Did you know that there are more than a 100 sex positions that you can try? It is best to research and learn about those sex positions. Choose a new location other than your bedroom. The bedroom is not the only place you can have sex. There are other locations in the house or you can go out and find a nice place for lovemaking. There are many ways to add variety in you sex life to give maximum sexual pleasure to your woman.

Know the right techniques to give her multiple orgasms. Men should master how to touch, caress and kiss his girl in bed to bring her to multiple orgasms. You have to make full use of your imagination, hands and tongue to give her the maximum sexual pleasure she will never forget that she will end up begging for more. Going down on her is the best way to may her orgasms because of the thousands of sensitive nerve endings in the clitoris.