How will you keep Hot Sexy Women coming back to you for great sex? One way is to be great in bed. I will tell you the 10 Best Sexual Positions to use.

Sexual Position 1

The Cowgirl Position (the woman is on top). This is extremely stimulating for the woman internally as well as externally. Why, because this sexual position she will be able to be in control of what she is feeling?

Sexual Position 2

The Lusty LeapFrog Position will cause her to have an orgasm, because she will have to squat above you instead of sitting, which will give her the chance to clench you tightly.

Sexual Position 3

There are many sexual positions that are great to do but this one,” The Titillating Trapeze,” is excellent for both you and your women. Why, because this like many other sexual positions will stimulate her G-spot intensely.

Sexual Position 4

The Sultry Sidewinder Position is a face to face laying on your side sexual act. The women’s leg is raised up while the man slides his penis in her vagina. This will help her to get intense clitoral stimulation, if done correctly.

Sexual Position 5

The Magic Missionary Position is the regular way with a twist. Both man and woman’s body stays in constant contact at all times with this position. The mans glutes and thighs will get most of the workout with this position.

Sexual Position 6

One of the Sexual Positions that I know a hot sexy women will love is,” The Canine Coupling.” This is a new doggie-style version. This position you’re actually touching the women’s G-spot. This is not a face to face contact position.

Sexual Position 7

This next position is a,” Face to Face On Top Of A Stool Position,” and should be performed on top of a tall kitchen stool. The women will be able to see your penis going in and out of her. This position also stimulates the women’s G-spot and clitoris.

Sexual Position 8

More sexual positions that put the women almost in mid air are,” The Stand At Erection Position.” The woman is sitting on the edge of a countertop or tabletop while you are standing between her legs. This also stimulates her G-spot.

Sexual Position 9

This is another position that will make your women feel in control. It is called,”The Lazy Man Position.” You are sitting down with your legs straight out and she is facing you sitting on top of you. You will be deep inside her with this position. She will do most of the work with this sex act.

Sexual Position 10

The Last position to satisfy a hot sexy women is with,”The Spork Position.” With this position you are somewhat intertwined, but there is an increasing penetration that you will both feel.