How to Choose Extreme Abundant Living in the Midst of Life’s Confusion

As I sat listening to the news and its prediction for new oil pricing due to the current events in the Middle East, a popular song from the past popped into my mind. In fact, this song was quite popular during the turbulent sixties. It was sung by the very popular Temptations, “Ball of Confusion.” It was the third or fourth time it had come to me in the past few weeks; so, I turned to my information glut, the Internet, and searched for its lyrics.

It didn’t take long to realize why this experience of song had shown up. This popular group sang about racism, hate, revenge, politicians making impossible promises, demonstrations, unemployment, and fear.

I had, personally, stopped watching the news. In fact, I had written to my audience to stop watching the news because of its negativity. However, I realized I was quickly becoming uniformed and ill informed. I made the choice to not only get my news from the television networks, but I made the choice to also read, collect information and then come to my own conclusions.

So, how was I to experience abundant living in the middle of it all-in a world gone completely, absolutely mad? If we add child molestation and pornography, human trafficking, drug-gang wars, intimate-partner abuse, murder, and rape the only possible conclusion one can come to is it is totally impossible, right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong!

To live an abundant life is a choice. I choose to believe that there is a greater power, a higher resonance and vibration that lives in each and every one of us. I believe not only can we demand the greater good in ourselves, but we can command the good in each and every person to shine forth. We can choose love and light; and, in choosing we not only give out love and light, but we push love and light into the darkest and remotest corners of the Universe: to hearts, minds, and souls. In turn, we must be available to receive love and light that is sent out and gifted by others. Thereby, a circle or a cycle is created: a ball of light, vibration, contentment, confidence and creativity.

Perfect love casts out all fear, all confusion, all doubt and anxieties. It covers all faults, short comings and offenses. Understand, living from love does not mean you accept the atrocities of this world, never say no, or cease standing up for what is right and what is justice. Living from love or becoming love is seeking out justice, truth, being a voice for the voiceless, healing the broken hearted, and bringing encouragement and hope to the down trodden. It is making all wrongs right from a place of high vibration and energy not fear, hate, or revenge. It is living from a place of faith, hope and love for yourself and others.

What happens when we choose to act out of fear? We get more fear. When we choose to move from hate, we get more hate. When we choose to act out of revenge we get vengeance from others. Choose to flow from love, and we get? You’ve got it. It’s called the Law of Reciprocity. Life reciprocates exactly what you put out.

I recently found myself in a situation where if I had known the outcome, I would have chosen another path. My coach, who is excellent at delivering me from my self-pity asked, “What would Jesus do?” I snidely remarked, “I don’t know,” annoyed by the question. Afterward, however, I gave the question a long thought. The answer was simple, He would choose love.

While I am not by any means attempting to convert, I am highly suggesting that in the midst of all the “ball of confusion” in your life and in your world, it is possible to experience abundant living. It is possible to have peace that passes all understanding and absolutely ridiculous joy, gratitude, self-love, wealth, health, and perfect self-expression.

At times, life comes at us cold and hard. Many times life doesn’t seem fair. Often times it seems like awful tragedies and atrocities happen to really good people. I am a woman acquainted with suffering and grief. But, I will also tell you this, those experiences made me stronger. They aided in expanding me and making me who and what I am today. And on the road back to me, on the recovery trail, I passed hate, bitterness, anger, fear, low self-esteem and guilt. But, I eventually found the God in me-love.

I had to come to the place of choosing to let go; I had to choose to love and choose to forgive. Yes, I had to choose to love the very people who had turned my world upside down. At times, I fought hard and long. I even fought with God. Who was He to tell me to love my enemies? What did He know? Yes, I went there.

I know it doesn’t seem possible or easy. But it is and can be. Go within your heart. Hear the “voice” within. Stand still and know. That standing still doesn’t mean doing nothing. It does mean, however, being firm in your beliefs and convictions and not allowing emotion to sway or overtake you. You are the essence of all Creation, all Love, and all Light.

You may choose to believe the world is at its end; or, you may choose to believe the ball of confusion will bring us to an explosion of light, a new consciousness, a new beginning. You may choose to believe you’re a victim in this world or you may choose to be an agent of change. You may choose to live in chaos, confusion or craziness or you may choose to live a life of abundance: love, joy, peace, happiness, health, wealth and perfect self-expression. These attributes are a choice. What’s yours?