Getting Rid of Negative Collection Accounts From My Credit Report

Collection accounts can do damage to your credit rating and scores, especially the more recent ones. If you are thinking about making a purchase such as a car, home or even credit card account, it is a good idea to remove these negative collections from your credit report first.

The strategy you would use to remove collection accounts depends on the account itself. For example, you might have collection accounts that are complete errors on your credit report that you do not own and have nothing to do with you. A simple dispute letter to the credit bureaus including your identification as proof that the account is not yours should do the trick and have the account deleted.

The same applies to collection accounts that you previously paid but for some reason are still showing on your credit report as not paid and in collections. The dispute letter should be all you need to get it deleted.

It is also possible that you might have fallen on hard times and lost your job which meant paying your account on a monthly basis impossible, and the account was referred to a collection agency. Depending on how old the account is, you can still have success with the dispute process.

Remember that the burden of proof is on the collection agency and credit bureaus, this simply means that they need proof to validate your account which could be a signed document or something of that nature. It’s a known fact that a lot of collection agencies do not keep good records and cannot furnish such information on accounts they have purchased.