Ending Depression, Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

End Depression, Anxiety and Other Mood Disorders through Energy Cleansing and Healing

Depression, anxiety and other mood disorders are at epidemic levels in the United States. So is insomnia. The good news is that you can end the devastation of these illnesses. You only need to cleanse, heal and re-charge your energy body. Through energy cleansing, healing and re-charging, you will quickly improve your brain chemistry and achieve peace of mind and an internal feeling of peace, joy and happiness. You will sleep well again and you will be filled with positive and vibrant energy.

If your energy body is not clean, intact and vibrant, no medicine will heal your depression, anxiety and other mood disorders or insomnia. The reason is that all illness including mental illness starts with low vibration negative energy that is attached to you. This negative energy blocks the free flow of life force energy or chi, which is high vibration energy.

Life force energy is very potent haling energy that is abundantly available from the Universe. If our energy bodies (aura, chakras and meridians) are blocked by negative energy and, therefore, cannot draw, process and distribute chi as healing and life sustaining energy, our physical bodies (which are primarily salt water) get damaged. We become ill. Negative energy blockages in our energy bodies damage our brain chemistry, leading to mental illness. A vibrant energy body is associated with positive energy and the energy of love (love is a beautiful life affirming energy felt as a sweet and soothing vibration in the heart chakra). Life, nature, love, balance, high energy, good mental and physical health and happiness all go together.

Medicine will stabilize your symptoms (and that is important), but it will not be enough to heal you. You must work with Reiki and energy healers to extract negative energy from you, cut unwanted energy attachments and tendrils (through which your life force energy is drained by others- mostly unconsciously) and re-charge your energy body often. This is done mostly through meditation exercises, visualization techniques, positive thinking and prayer from the heart chakra (spiritual prayer). Re-orient your life to not intentionally harming or deceiving others, and loving yourself and others (this generates positive energy). Through visualizations, release stored negative energy from traumas and stress. Become a positive thinker. Love and enjoy life and fill yourself with peace and joy. You must establish boundaries, build self love, self confidence and self esteem and stop generating negative energy.

To be mentally and physically healthy, your energy body (your aura, chakras and meridians) must be free of negative energy. Chi energy (the energy of life) must flow freely through your energy body without blockage from negative energy. This can only be achieved through a combination of Reiki and other types of energy healing and ongoing spirituality, positive thinking, positive beliefs, positive speech and positive acts and not intentionally harming or deceiving others (because that generates a lot of negative energy that undermines one’s own happiness), self-love and a positive mind-set. The negative energy you generate by your thoughts, acts, speech and beliefs and one’s ongoing proximity to negative and toxic people will drain and damage your energy body, leaving you depressed, listless and unhappy. But, healing is easy.

As a Reiki master and life coach, I have focused on healing depression, anxiety and other mood disorders and insomnia. I have used energy healing and other techniques that protect and build up one’s energy body and self esteem. These techniques include visualization, meditation, establishing and maintaining reasonable boundaries with people, avoiding negative and toxic people, adopting positive beliefs and thinking and handling stress factors in a positive way. These techniques enable people to be fully engaged in each precious moment of life with full presence, participation and joy. These techniques enable people to rid themselves of painful and negative memories and stored anger and hate. They teach people to consciously monitor their thoughts and stop their negative thoughts on command. They teach people to forgive themselves and all others and free themselves of anger, stored painful memories, jealousy, hate, low self-esteem and guilt.

I teach people to make their own happiness and peace of mind their number one priority in life. I have taught them that their own happiness and high self esteem is their birth right and that they are truly each miracles of creation. For in the end, it is love of self and others that generates high vibration positive energy. In the end, love is the high vibration energy that is found in the center of one’s heart chakra that we can send and receive from the human heart. Love is chi, the energy of life. Life, love and happiness must be cultivated through a combination of Reiki healing, meditation and visualization techniques to end depression, anxiety, mood disorders and insomnia and find peace of mind, peace of spirit, high energy, joy and happiness. High vibration positive energy (i.e., chi) shakes off, burns off and repels low vibration negative energy (negative energy is the energy of pain, illness and death).

You can only find happiness as a feeling inside yourself. You can only find happiness and end mood disorders once you make your own happiness your number one priority in life. Your happiness is your birth right. A full and vibrant energy body is your birthright. Life without ongoing fear, worry, anger and strife is your birthright. Your ability to love life and have fun and be filled with positive energy is your birthright. Your ability to give and receive love by channeling the love as energy (through a clean and vibrant heart chakra is your birthright. Do not give your energy, power or birthright away to others.

Stay balanced and grounded. Balance your relationships and do not through guilt or low self esteem, make anyone else a priority over your happiness. Your relationships with others should be balanced so that there is always an equal exchange of energy – a give and a take. This will avoid energy drainage. Negative and toxic people will drain your energy. There is no equal exchange of energy with negative and toxic people. They often will provoke you into an angry or fearful response and cause you to obsess about them or what they did to your and others. This transfers your energy and power to them (at the unconscious level of our energy bodies). It then takes away your peace of mind and happiness, makes you stressed out and eventually leads to mental and physical; illness.

Do not let others get you angry or afraid. Be conscious of and control your thoughts and emotions. Avoid negative and toxic people and/or build and maintain strong boundaries with them. Do not let them dominate your thoughts and cause you to hold onto pain. Do not let them drain your energy. Avoid them. Also, forgive, forget, detach and let go. Be conscious of your thoughts and reaction to stress. If your thoughts and reactions to stress are negative, you will deplete your own energy. You will end up with negative energy blockages in your energy body if your thoughts are negative and you react negatively and impulsively to stress factors. A negative state of mind and being will undermine your own peace of mind, peace of spirit and joy for life.

Speech and acts intended to harm or deceive others will undermine your own peace of mind, peace of spirit and joy for life. Illness will result form all this negative energy. Always keep n mind that negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions and intent to harm or deceive others generate negative energy, which will undermine your health and happiness by creating negative energy blockages.

Traumas and stress (most often by painful interactions with negative and toxic people and negative and painful memories from childhood) cause deep negative energy blockages that penetrate the mental and emotional layers of our auras. Through visualizations, meditation and prayer, we can let go and detach from negative and painful memories. Negative energy blockages drain and damage one’s energy body. When one’s energy body is filled with low vibration negative energy, one becomes negative and low. Negative energy blockages compel ongoing negative thoughts and emotions, ruminations and ongoing negative response to stress factors. Negative energy blockages drain your energy and make you feel stressed out, worried, angry and afraid. They lead to a fight or flight mentality, a “me- first,” survival orientation. So, negative energy blockages compel us to generate more and more negative energy by our ongoing negative beliefs, thoughts, acts, speech, emotions and beliefs. We then find ourselves caught in a cascade of negativity and negative energy that ultimately makes us ill.

Negative energy is also generated by a poor self image. Use visualization and meditation techniques along with positive affirmations to build up a person’s self-love, self confidence and self esteem. Use visualization techniques to rid oneself of guilt and shame. Everyone has an energy body and a physical body. Our energy body is invisible to most. It animates our physical body and gives our physical body life. Some call the energy body our spirit.

Our energy body is attached to our physical body. It includes an aura that surrounds us and protects us from negative energy (negative energy is low vibration energy that is the primary cause of illness), as well as chakras (spinning energy axles with energy wheels on both ends that go through our energy bodies) and meridians (energy channels that are the energy equivalent to veins and arteries). A good mental and emotional state requires a clean, vibrant and healthy energy body, free of negative energy blockages and energy attachments.

Chi energy bolsters our immune system and ensures that our physical bodies function properly. It reverses the damage to brain chemistry done by stress, trauma and negative energy. Unfortunately, in many cases our energy bodies are broken, cracked and blocked by negative energy and drained by negative and toxic people and our own negative and toxic beliefs and thoughts. As a result, our energy bodies cannot properly draw in and distribute chi (life force energy) for healing. The end result of a dysfunctional energy body is mental and physical illness. When one’s energy body is damaged and blocked by negative energy, chi energy cannot flow through it properly to support one’s health. Brain chemistry is damaged. The negative energy that blocks and invades one’s energy body is often caused by our own negative thoughts, emotions, acts and speech and our negative reaction to stress factors.

Negative thoughts are tied to negative emotions. Negative emotions include anger, fear, worry, jealousy, etc. These emotions cause us to experience stress, primarily by our reaction to external and painful events and our ongoing obsessive and ruminating thoughts about them. They cause stress because of our desire to control and manipulate and judge others, instead of accepting. Ego causes resistance and resistance causes stress and negativity. Acceptance is fluid and peaceful. When we elevate soul over ego in governance of self, we generate positive energy. Negative energy is also caused by a fight or flight mentality and fight or flight home and work environments. Stress will damage your energy body and drain your energy. So, it is critical (in fighting depression, anxiety and other mood disorders and insomnia) to avoid stressful home and work environments and negative and toxic people who cause you stress.

Otherwise, you must consciously work at being Zen-like around negative and toxic people and environments and not let them rob you of happiness. It is also important to prevent yourself from reacting negatively to stressful situations and provocations. You must set boundaries and maintain them to be happy and peaceful inside.

Make your own happiness and peace of mind and spirit your number one priority in life. All this takes the training. In addition the energy body can be damaged and vital life force energy drained from negative and toxic people.

The good news is your brain chemistry can be normalized once your energy body is cleansed and healed and made vibrant and intact. Reiki practitioners and other energy healers can repair one’s energy body and extract negative energy from it and remove energy attachments from it. Energy attachments, a damaged energy body and attached and embedded negative energy in one’s energy body cause obsessive thoughts, ruminations and negative thoughts and emotions that drain your energy. But, they can be easily removed and extracted and your energy body cleansed, healed, repaired, balanced and re-charged. This can all be easily done through Reiki, and energy vibration healing (such as Emotional Freedom Techniques and Shamanic healing and crystal healing) along with meditation, prayer and positive thinking.

Once the energy body is repaired and cleansed, you need to defend and protect your energy (through psychic shielding techniques) and stop burning energy needlessly with negative thoughts and emotions. By adopting positive thinking techniques, you stop spinning and running thoughts, obsessive thoughts and ruminations (all of which burn and deplete your energy). You need to use visualization techniques to detach from painful memories (these attachments cause obsessive and ongoing negative thoughts and emotions that drain and deplete one’s life force energy). You need to use meditation and prayer techniques to balance and pacify your mind and spirit. Through Reiki and meditation, you cleanse your aura and chakras of negative energy. You then shift your consciousness to your heart or solar plexus from your head and live in your body center. Use your brain for work, hobbies and errands. Live in the moment. Live in your body center (not in your thoughts).

Learn how to be fully present in each precious moment in life (and stop thinking about the future or the past while the precious moments of life slip away). Learn to see and appreciate life and nature all around you and your connection to life and nature. To be happy, feel your connection to life and nature each day. Feel the miracle of life and nature each your connection to it. Spend more time in nature and in meditating in nature and visualization of nature in meditation. Be thankful for your life. It is precious and short and a miracle.

Begin to live life again by shifting your consciousness you’re your heart there and out of your head. The head is the seat of thoughts and ego, but not life and love. The heart is the seat of life and love. Through visualization, you will learn to feel the divine high vibrations of chi energy, happiness, love and life. Visualize that white light bombards your heart and melts the hard shell away. Push out visualized white light from your heart through and around your entire body as you visualize that you are a divine being off pure white light inside and out. Daily meditation, prayer and visualization from your heart chakra are essential to feeling the high vibrations of chi, love, peace and happiness. Smile. Be grateful for life. You are a divine being of pure white light attached to a physical body. Your physical body gives you the physical experience of life.

As you spend more time in meditation and prayer and in the white light, as you spend more time in your heart chakra, you will begin to understand that you are a divine and eternal being of white light and love. Once you feel the high vibration of your divine nature in your heart chakra, you will understand that you are connected to the Universe, the Creator and all other life through your energy body. Each day, affirm to yourself that you are a divine being of white light, so happy to be alive. Affirm to yourself that you are happy, peaceful and serene and so thankful for your life and its many blessings. Affirm to yourself how fortunate you are to be alive. In order to be happy and not bitter, affirm each day that you love, respect, accept and forgive yourself and you forgive all others. Detach from ongoing thoughts about the pain have caused yourself or others have caused you. Reach closure in your own mind you’re your own past acts and the past acts and words of others. Through visualization (and for the sake of your own happiness – your birthright), let go of guilt, shame, anger and hate. Let go and forgive so the ongoing grip of past stress and traumas do not undermine your health, happiness and immune system.

Make a conscious effort to be positive in your thoughts and speech. Get rid of words like “fear, worry and hate” because they program your beliefs in a negative way. Make a conscious effort to hold your tongue, listen and be patient. See yourself as an amazing miracle of creation and a part of the miracle of life and nature. Smile. Let go of negativity and see the world and your life as infused with infinite possibilities and a short and wonderful miracle. As you fully connect with your pure, loving and holy higher self and your fun loving and happy inner child, you will love life again lie you did as a child and you will easily and automatically draw in and process chi energy (life force energy) for your health and happiness.

Close your eyes and relax and breathe deeply in and out and smile. Breathe in visualized white light as unconditional love and breathe out as visualized black smoke all fear, anxiety, anger and negativity. Become the light in your mind’s eye. Float free in your mind’s eye. You are spirit, an eternal being of energy. Let go of the negative and just relax. Shift your consciousness into your heart from your head. Visualize yourself as a divine being of blazing white light. Smile as you connect with this loving and happy being of blazing white light from your heart. Then integrate this image of yourself into you through visualization and become this being. Have fun again. Be spontaneous again. Unload your burdens to the Universe and the Creator and ask for help. You will get it.

Shift your consciousness from your head to your heart. Put your hand over your heart and close your eyes. Visualize that your heart center is a blazing sun of pure white light. Now push out the white light from your heart center and fill up your head and body and legs and arms. Push out the white light all around your body about 6 inches to a foot. See that white light as your blazing high vibration aura. Fill your self up with visualized white light through your deep breathing and visualization. Feel the white light in and around you vibrate all negativity out of you Keep your eyes closed and take deep breaths – breathe in visualized white light and breathe out visualized black smoke (breathe out all fear, anger and negativity). Let it go. Let all negativity go. Stop thinking, and just be, just exist in the moment. Calmly remain in your heart chakra, the center of your being and your connection to your eternal soul. Remember to thank the Creator each day for life and stay in the white light. Go back to white light visualization and breathing whenever you are afraid. Close your eyes and relax. Thank and pray to the Creator daily.

Whenever you are afraid, worried or anxious or agitated, go to large bodies of water in reality or through visualization and take in and breathe in that beautiful blue water. See yourself floating in the middle of a calm ocean on a cloudless day – the light blue of the sky meets the light blue of the water. Float peacefully on that water in your mind. Close your eyes and relax. Alternatively, close your eyes, breathe deeply and smile whenever you get afraid! Our lives are wonderful, short and temporary miracles. But, you are an eternal being of pure white light. You are truly loved by angelic beings and the Creator. Nothing can hurt you. So, don’t be afraid. Change your beliefs from negative to positive, from rigid and finite to open and infinite and your thoughts will follow. Positive affirmations, prayer and meditation will help. Learn to be conscious of your thoughts and speech and stop negative thoughts and speech. Stop judgmental thoughts and speech and stop ongoing ruminating thoughts about people and negative things they did to you. Let go and detach from these things through visualization and mind control.

Reiki and Shamanic healing and other modes of energy healing, self-love, boundaries, meditation, visualization, ending negative beliefs and thoughts and positive thinking and spirituality are critical for your health and happiness. Build up your energy body and stop energy drainage through your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, acts and speech. Build up a bountiful and high vibration energy body filled with positive energy.

Energy drainage and low vibration, negative energy leads to a poor immune system and illness. High vibration, positive energy leads to good health and happiness. The end result of energy cleansing and healing is peace of mind, peace of spirit, happiness and a vibrant energy body. Your cleansed and healed energy body will shake off, burn off and repel negative, low vibration energy that causes pain and illness. You will be happy as you feel love and happiness and peace. You will be happy as energy healing leads to freedom from pain. These techniques help end depression, anxiety and other mood disorders and insomnia. In the end, while we need some ego, we must not permit our lives to be dominated by ego. It is ego that sees the self and only the self and then reacts to perceived or real threats with anger, fear, hate, jealousy, etc. it then causes low self esteem and. All these emotions are low vibrations. So, we need to live life in the moment and acknowledge and then stop ongoing ego-oriented emotions and thoughts.

My books, End of Mood Disorders, The Road to Happiness and The Road to Healing, good Health and Wellness will teach you the techniques discussed in this article to end depression, anxiety and insomnia and bring you internal peace and happiness. The books are comprehensive guides that approach depression, anger, anxiety and other mood disorders and unhappiness as energy and spiritual disorders as well as mental illnesses and problems with brain chemistry. My books recommends to readers energy-related, positive thinking, meditation and spiritual techniques to achieve and maintain peace of mind, balance and happiness in our lives. They teach us how to harness healing energy to correct the havoc to our emotional and mental states caused by negative energy and energy drainage. My books recommend ways to
(a) control your ego and egoistic thoughts, emotions, speech and acts (which tend to be selfish and negative and all of which generate harmful negative energy that will deplete your energy and harm your energy body,
(b) generate and draw-in positive healing energy,
(c) build effective boundaries with, negative and toxic people and
(d) minimize conflict in your daily life, all in order to reach and maintain happiness, serenity, balance and peace of mind and spirit a vibrant and intact energy body. Through my books, you will learn how to stop burning the life force energy that you need to enjoy life and keep people from draining your energy. You will learn how to repel negative energy and re-charge your energy body. You will learn how to re-charge, refresh and invigorated your energy body.