Let me start out by saying that I have the greatest respect for Dr. Joe Rubino but, with his emphasis on self-esteem, he has gotten it completely backwards. His claim is that self-esteem is the most important ingredient for success, wealth, and self-fulfillment. Self-esteem is certainly important but, self confidence is far more important.

Rubino is confusing the product of success with the cause of success. In order to become successful, wealthy and self fulfilled, you need supreme self-confidence. You must know in your heart that your potentialities are far greater than anything that you have so far received. Don’t get me wrong, self-esteem is important but it’s the product of having become successful and not the cause of becoming successful.

When you develop the congruent belief system that you are greater than all you have ever been, then you will have the self-confidence it takes to become truly wealthy, successful and self fulfilled. Self-esteem on the other hand is not the cause of success but the result, that is, it is the product of becoming successful.

The trick of course is in creating a congruent belief system. Until, you have achieved a congruence between your mindset and your self-confidence, success will remain out of your reach. There are many methods that you can use to reprogram your mind for this congruent belief set. Affirmations, visualization, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and any one of a number of a multitude of self-improvement programs that are available in the self-improvement marketplace.

The trick of course is trying to find a program that is right for you. We each have different personalities and as a result there is no single program that is right for everyone. Do your research. You should check the scientific literature, self-development forums, and better review sites until you find a program that suits your specific personality. Once you find the right program, stick with it and don’t jump program to program. With self-improvement now being one of the hottest niches in the Internet marketing, is extremely difficult to separate the wheat from chaff. As I’ve said before, is definitely the case of buyer beware. You will find many many programs that promise you the stars and leave you with no solid content to help you in your quest for total self fulfillment. So, do your research before you invest. There are many excellent programs available and if you take your time, you will find the program that brings you limitless wealth, success and self-fulfillment. Don’t jump on a sales page simply because it sounds so good. Many of those that sell the best are among the worst.

If you, like myself, have been following the quest for self-fulfillment, you will recognize the names of the best of the best in the author’s of self fulfillment products. I am referring to people like Dr. Joe Rubino (who I don’t totally agree with), Dr. Charles Dwyer, Adam Eason, Adam Khoo, Dr. Anthony, Jose Silva and many, many more. Stick with the names you can trust-they do produce the best programs.

Dedicate yourself to acquiring and studying the knowledge of self-fulfillment and you will find at the end of the rainbow that dream of limitless wealth, success in self-fulfillment are yours for the asking. It’s an old biblical quote but, ask and you shall receive. Don’t think it’s going to be easy-it is not. You are literally going to have to re-wire your subconscious will in order to achieve your ultimate success. If you follow this path, when you lay down your head on the pillow for the last time you will be able to remember the legacy that you have left for all mankind.

Please take the path of total self-fulfillment and join me in bringing about the evolution of consciousness of all mankind. I am in the self-fulfillment movement because I wish to leave this place a much better place in which my grandchildren can live. I have seen the face of war and it is ugly and I never wish that any other child should ever have to face that. The consciousness of mankind is in our hands and if each one of us just takes a single step toward self-fulfillment then mankind is a step closer to true humanity.