Break Up Advice for Women – Easy Things to Help You Heal Faster

There is quite a bit of break up advice for women out there. While many methods work, sometimes it is easy to lose touch with the very important basics. You can recover from a break up and regain your confidence and happiness. You have the key to being satisfied and single, if you are willing to discover it.

Remember Your Personal Strengths

During the break up recovery period, you will most likely feel many negative things. This is a good time to remember your personal strengths. Many women find that their view of themselves drops after being rejected by a lover. Just because things didn’t work out doesn’t mean you are somehow a lesser person. You have many strengths and now is the time to remember them! Try writing a list and come up with activities that reinforce your positive traits.

Focus on Good Health

Do not neglect your personal health during this difficult time. Eating right and exercising can dramatically improve your outlook on life. There are physical benefits, such as feeling more energized and toned as well as mental ones (such as improved self confidence). When your body is healthy, your mental and emotional state will notice.

Limit Alone Time

Some people react to break ups by pulling away from others. It is OK if you need some alone time early on in the break up, as long as you can realize when you are being alone too much and possibly slipping into depression. Make a point to go out and experience the world, preferably with good friends or trusted family members. Socializing can help you pull out of a break up funk and rediscover the fun things in life. Let your friends lift you up as you get through a break up!