Why Not Use Palmistry For Marriage Compatibility

Palmistry for marriage compatibility is a science that applies the art of hand-reading to test how suited a couple is for one another. This guides their decision before they choose to walk down the aisle with the wrong partner. It is ironic that marriage is one of the greatest social institutions which is meant to solve various problems but it is sad that it ends up being one of the major social problems. A happy marriage based on a sound foundation is constituted by perhaps only three factors. The most paramount one is the right choice of a partner. This is where many people go wrong since they base their marriage on lust and passion. They barely take their time to meditate about their significant other. The second factor to consider is the natural personal attitude towards life and one’s partner. The right attitude towards work, religion and family is very important in a mate. The last one is discussed a lot which off course is a harmonious and consistent sex life.

Palmistry for marriage compatibility is a very wise phenomenon since it helps in accessing the sexual passion in a mate. Love and romance sets the foundation of a happy married life for the couple. If you use palmistry to test your mate’s passion then you will be in a position to tell your sexual compatibility before you decide on marriage. It is a belief among the learned people that sex education leads to better and predictable sexual compatibility but i beg to disagree. Many professional people like doctors, nurses and biologists have have plenty of sexual knowledge and yet they also face sexual problems. Most illiterate laborers may be ignorant about sex education and yet they satisfactorily enjoy their sex life in marriage. People need to understand that the small general arts in life such as the art of hand reading is all they need to concentrate in to live a simple happy life.

To use palmistry for marriage compatibility examination, begin with the skin texture. Massage the palm softly while feeling the skin of the hand by your thumb finger. The feeling of the skin texture may be soft, normal or hard and dry. If soft skin is detected, this indicates that the person has developed aesthetic sense and hard dry skin indicates the lack of it. A point to note is that a soft skin does not guarantee good morals and hard skin does not indicate low morals. Another hand-reading technique is the consistent thickness of the palm. The thickness standards indicate the power of emotions. The capacity to feelings is related to this hand thickness. A guy with thicker hands has higher chances of building a happy successful marriage compared to one with thin hands. A guy with thin hands may be cold and insensitive. That family warmth generated by emotions might be lacking. A woman with too thick flesh on her hands may attribute her thinking to her emotions. This might start a marriage problem if the emotional demands are unrealistic.