What is the Best Baby Mattress to Get For My Crib?

Babies ultimately need the best sleep surface-a mattress. This is because most of their time are spent sleeping on top of it. Without a good mattress to support their growth and development, they will wake up restless and cranky. If you are a busy parent, you would not want to deal with a cranky baby all the time.

So now that we have established the importance of choosing the right mattress, what indeed makes up a good mattress? There are so many crib beds available in the market today that it would be difficult to sift through all of them.

I have the answer for you. If you want to narrow down your choices quicker, you should go look for the following features:

Semi Firm Comfort Level
Test the mattress. If it has a bit of “give” to it, then it is a good mattress choice. One that has a semi firm feel to it can give the right balance of support and comfort. A very firm mattress may be too hard on your baby but a super plush mattress can suffocate and hamper their movements.

Semi firm mattresses allow your baby to make easy movements and at the same time, it protects the crucial areas of their body.

Good For The Health
Let me tell you one piece of good news: many mattresses today are made better for your baby. That means they contain less or no chemicals. Look for one that is hypoallergenic.

You can find a lot made from organic and natural materials such as cotton, bamboo materials and many more. These are not only good for your baby’s delicate health, they are also good for the environment.

One that can resist all sorts of micro organisms (at least the ones that usually thrive in a mattress) is advisable. It should resist microbes along with dust mites and molds. These things can cause healthy concerns to arise.

Breathable Mattress
You would want your baby to feel fresh and comfortable as they sleep and a mattress that virtually bakes them does not strike us as one that can give those. Choose a mattress that can “breathe”. Latex has been coined an ideal mattress because of its ability to breathe. The pincore holes riddled in the mattress allow air to flow in and out effortlessly thereby regulating temperature.

When you go looking for a baby crib mattress, look for these things and you can easily find the one that is best for your young one.