What makes a woman frigid? Is it the result of aging, the coming of the menopause or something else?

Like impotence, female sexual dysfunction or frigidity in women is often the result of psychological factors deeply rooted in childhood fears and fixations. The condition may manifest itself in different ways. Some women don’t have any sexual urges for one reason or another while others have strong desires but find little satisfaction from the sex act. This may be brought by pain, anxiety or inadequate lubrication.

“Sexual dysfunction is broadly defined as the inability to fully enjoy sexual intercourse. Specifically, sexual dysfunctions are disorders that interfere with a full sexual response cycle. These disorders make it difficult for a person to enjoy or to have sexual intercourse. While sexual dysfunction rarely threatens physical health, it can take a heavy psychological toll, bringing on depression, anxiety, and debilitating feelings of inadequacy,” explained Answers.com.

Frightening sex experiences during childhood can contribute to frigidity. Poverty may instill in a woman the fear of having children and lead to her subsequent abstinence from sex. A strong religious background without realizing that sex is part and parcel of the divine plan can cultivate an indifferent attitude towards the opposite sex.

Ignorance of the sex act and inadequate sexual education may likewise give rise to unreasonable fears of pregnancy and motherhood. Women who fall under this category often regard sex as an unpleasant marital duty. If a woman is taught early in life that sex is a sinful or shameful act, she may grow up carrying these erroneous beliefs which can later lead to marital disharmony and cripple her sexual development.

The blame, however, cannot be entirely placed on a woman’s upbringing for there are instances when frigidity is caused by her husband too. Sometimes the urge is there but it can be hampered by other problems caused by the man. Often, this is caused by communication problems.

An inexperienced or clumsy husband, for instance may not properly arouse his partner, making her unresponsive to the sex act. In this case, the woman’s frigidity is caused by her failure to respond to her inexperienced husband’s stimulation or sexual approach. The man should change or correct his approach for his partner to enjoy sex.

The sexual impulses of a young wife may also appear latent and dormant during the early months of marriage. Being unaware of her sexual needs and abilities, she may not be responsive to the man who is generally more aggressive. In this case, it is up to the man to awaken her impulses and develop her responses without necessarily forcing himself on her.

What about menopause? Could this cause frigidity as well? Find out in the second part of this series.

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