Top 5 Travel Tip Sites for Business Travelers

Here is a review of the top 5 web sites that provide great and timely tips for business travelers:

1) U.S. TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

A great site for U.S. citizens and foreigners alike. It has good material about the full experience of going through an American airport and the things to do to expedite that process.

Sections include The Screening Experience, Dress the Part, What You Need, Do I Have to Remove My Shoes?, Keep Your Experience Simple, Travel Tips to Make Your Screening Experience Hassle-Free, Know What to Expect (including 5 step-by-step screening videos for business travelers.

2) 1000 Tips 4 Trips

The mother of all travel tip directory sites.

This is your site if you need answers to specific questions like Where can I find a cybercafe?, Is a bus driver better than a concierge?, Will x-ray machines harm the hard drive of my lap top?, What should I get rid of before I travel?, Where can I learn about first aid for dogs?, How do I cope with dry air on the plane?, How can I avoid travel scams?, How can I avoid pickpockets?, Should I fly while pregnant? And a lot more…

3) Rick Steves’ Travel Tips

A must site especially for those heading for Europe.

Deep rich useful content site with dozens of great sections on Packing, Safety, Backdoors, Guidebooks, Health, Sleeping & Eating, Transportation, Planning Your Trip, Money Matters, etc.

Some of my favorite articles on this site include what to pack on a typical trip to Europe, how to outsmart thieves and the bad guys on the road, what to believe when listening to a tour guide, cycling in Europe, the list of “Europe’s Best and Worst.”

4) U.S. Dept. of State, Tips for Traveling Abroad

Must site for U.S. business executives traveling aboard.

Excellent sections (as you’d expect) on how to get a passport and all you need to know about entry requirements to other countries, consulate information on emergencies, what to do if you are hijacked and taken hostage, how to protect yourself against passport fraud and scams, what you should know about protecting your health abroad, etc.

5) Travel Tips for Weary Travelers

An eclectic collection of qualified and well-researched travel articles from veteran MSNBC writers like Christopher Elliot.

Excellent reference materials if you already know what you’re looking for.

Some random article titles include 5 ways to find a shoulder-season deal, 10 tips to a sexy hotel room, How to make the most of traveling together, Hey Marriott, where are my miles?, Myth or magic bullet? 4 secrets about Rule 240, Traveler beware! Surcharges to watch out for, 13 tips to save money on your next cruise, and more.