Whether you snore regularly or only sometimes, the noise can be irritating to the bed partner while disrupting your sleep all night through. What most people do not know is that snoring is a sign of impending health problems and can have an adverse effect on relationships. But there is good news. With a host of over the counter stop snoring remedies that are available, you don’t have to worry about doing it all the time now that there are clinically tried and tested solutions available.

The basic reason for all snoring that happens nightly is that the loose, soft tissue in the throat starts vibrating as the air passes through a narrow air passage. The noise that the vibration produces is termed snoring. The narrowness of the airways is usually due to inflammation and swelling that is a side effect of chronic respiratory diseases, smoking, allergic reactions and tongue falling back into the throat when asleep. Sometimes, it is the obstructions within the narrow airway that leads to snoring.

If you have suddenly started snoring or have been snoring for a while, it is time to look for a remedy that can finally put a stop to the snoring for good. Not classified as sleep disorder, snoring is still put under sleep disorders as it is one of the leading causes of sleep apnea. Obstructive Sleep apnea is diagnosed when there is a pause in breathing that is about 10 seconds to longer when asleep. The main causes of snoring include:

  • Obesity
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Smoking
  • Side effect of prescription medicine
  • Allergic reactions
  • Consumption of dairy products
  • Tongue falling back into the throat
  • Alcohol consumption in the evening

These are a few of the reasons that render the muscles to be come loose and enhance the tongue to fall back into the throat. Narrowing of the air passages and intense vibration of the soft tissue leads to a specific noise termed snoring.

There are numerous anti snoring solutions that are available and some healthy options including losing excess weight, lowering the consumption of alcohol in the evening and reducing dairy product consumption. Before you consult a health care professional, you ca try some of these behavioral modifications and see if it helps you stop snoring.

  • Avoid muscle relaxants and tranquilizers before bedtime
  • Avoiding drinking alcohol four hours before bedtime
  • Stick to a sleep and rest routine
  • Exercise moderately and lose excess weight
  • Stop smoking to reduce inflammation in the trachea
  • Try to sleep on your side than on your back

Now you can find a cure that can help you stop snoring. From mandibular devices and mouth guards to nasal strips and drops, there is a wide choice available. The clinically tried and tested nasal drops are considered to be good way to stop snoring as it tightens the loose tissue and muscles within the throat. Other remedies include homeopathic solutions and facial exercises that can tighten the muscles.