PESSYP (PESSCL) Strategy – The Increase in Physical Education and School Sport Businesses

Since they were introduced in 1997, Sports Colleges have grown in number, and it could be argued that they have transformed the shape of education in England, leading the way for specialist schools. The introduction of the PESSCL strategy has subsequently seen the introduction of School SPorts Partnerships which now cover every state school in England.

The use of Sport as a medium has now taken off and many ex-athletes are making a living from getting high level messages, consistent with the principles of EFQM to businesses, managers and consultants. An example of such an event can currently be found on the Certius Project Development website.

You only have to look at the size of the Sports College Conference to see how much of a market place there is. Even in these hard financial times, there is a host of development driven companies looking to provide support, advice, products, services and consultancy to schools around sport and physical education. This can range from software to monitor development plans and EDPs through to custom equipment.

The market has never been bigger and if you have a passion for sport, experience of education consultancy, and can combine this with a good business approach, there is an opportunity for you to get involved in the worlds biggest sport and Physical Education system.

That is certainly what I hope to do. I have a background in Physical Education and School Sport as a teacher, an SSCo, PDM and National Development Officer with the Youth Sport Trust. I am 1 month in to being a consultant and already have work to see me over for 6 months – Not a bad cushion to start from. Only time will tell if my experience, contacts, business operations knowledge and EFQM Assessor qualification will turn this into a long term venture.

In the digital age, the right kind of marketing is essential. I have put the basic information from my CV on the website for you to look at, because unless you have this as your starting point, you will really struggle

I will write again in a month with tips on writing your CV, including what to put in and, crucially, what to keep out!