Penis-Hygiene – Women’s Perspective and Benefits of Penis Pumps

Penis is one of the most important organs of the human body. It’s of paramount importance that you know about the various aspects of the penis like penis hygiene, penis size, and the various benefits and side effects of penis pumps.

Maintaining penis hygiene

If you are facing some sex health problems, the reasons might be closer to home than you initially suspect. You might not be taking proper care of your penis in terms of hygiene, which is affecting its erectile capabilities. Apart from cleaning and washing the penis other aspects of maintaining penis hygiene include:

A healthy and well-balanced diet

Nothing can take the place of a nutritious diet when it comes to maintaining the health and internal hygiene of the body. A diet rich in fibres and low on saturated fats prevents the accumulation of fatty deposits that clog arteries and reduce penile blood flow.

Quit those cigarettes

Smoking leads to a constriction of blood vessels, leading to a formation of arterial plaque. This decreases blood flow to the penis, resulting in impotence

Stay away from drugs

The intake of narcotics will put you at the risk of erectile dysfunction. Addiction to alcohol is also detrimental to the general health and the prospects of getting an erection.

Exercise and nutritional supplements

Regular exercise is the key to maintaining body health. You need to exercise for at least half an hour every day. It would also be a good idea to start off on a regular intake of nutritional supplements like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex. There are also specific herbs like Ginseng, Wild Yam and Saw Palmetto that are known for their positive effect against weak erection or impotence.

Penis size and its importance for women

It seems there’s always been a debate around whether penis size is important for women. There is a debate, because there is no conclusive proof either way. There is no doubt, however, that it is men who are more obsessed about the size of their penis. Women just want the size of the penis to be adequate. Most women don’t select a partner based on the size of his penis. It’s important to not be insecure about your penis size just because you think women consider it important. Also, if you do want to enlarge your penis or increase its size, you can take the help of various devices; the penis pump being one of them.

Penis pumps – Benefits

Penis pumps bring to people suffering from erectile dysfunction various benefits.

Better erections

The suction action of penis pumps brings about an erect penis. This erection is better and can be sustained longer than the normal erection of somebody suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Increasing size of penis

The use of penis pumps has been seen to increase the size of the penis. What they do is that they actually help you use your penis size in the best possible manner. By pumping as much blood as possible into the penis, your penis becomes filled with blood and enlarges to the maximum possible size.

Pleasurable activity and makes penis more sensitive

Many men who have used penis pumps have experienced a pleasurable tingling sensation that has aroused them and which they make use of during masturbation. Also, the use of penis pumps makes the penis more sensitive.

Penis pumps – Possible side effects

If penis pumps are used by following all the instructions to the T, there is very little or no danger of side effects. If due care is not taken then the side effects could include a numbness that permeates the penis due to a lack of blood circulation. Going overboard in its usage can lead to a bruising of the penis and also leads to intense pain. Misuse of penis pumps could also lead to vascular damage.