In the deep jungles of the Amazon lives a tribe called the akee-buntu. The average size of the akee-buntu is about 5 feet weighing 80 pounds with males having penis length of at least 6 inches. These petite males are not genetically born with large penises but prescribe penis enlargement as a matter of tradition.

The akee-buntu tribe live in villages and are hunter gatherers just like their ancestors. What is extraordinary about this group of indigenous people is the way they initiate their men into adulthood and their culture of penis enhancement.

Upon reaching the age of 12, the akee-buntu males follow rites that are supposed to initiate them into adulthood. These rites involve test of masculinity, endurance and sexual vitality. For the first 3 months after his 6th birthday, a akee-buntu male is assigned to an adult warrior who trains him on the rudiments of hunting, fighting, and sex. Yes, they are given sex education very early in life. By the age of 12, he is assumed to know the basics of survival and is to be tested by the chief of his tribe.

Upon completing a small ceremony witnessed by the chief, council of elders, his mentor and his parents, the 12 year old akee-buntu is sent off to hunt for a puma. Armed with only a spear, a bow and arrows the young akee-buntu is given approximately 30 days in their lunar calendar – the next full moon to return home with the skin of a leopard. Should he succeed in this task, he moves on to the next task. He is sent off to survive in the forest all alone for 6 months. If he survives 6 full moons in the wild according to their lunar calendar, he then proceeds to the final task – proving sexual vitality.

To the akee-buntu, size of a man’s penis is very important. The penis size is taken as an assessment of his sexual vitality. Akee-buntu males are expected to have penis length of not shorter than 6 inches. The thickness of the penis should not be smaller than the branch of a kuku brinka tree. Those who cannot pass this test are not considered true men and are assigned to play more feminine roles in the community. They are also prohibited from getting married and having children. The lost in masculine status in the group has serious repercussions on the male akee-buntu.

After passing the two earlier tests, the male akee-buntu then seeks the local medicine man who will prescribe the native method of enhancing the size of his penis. This involves drinking an herbal mixture they call tibrula followed by a special massage therapy. This penis enlargement method is so effective that it is known to produce results within weeks.

As having well endowed penises is part of the akee-buntu culture, the akee-buntu adopt these penis enlargement methods as part of their tradition. There is no embarrassment pertaining to penis enhancement in their community, and the male folk talk about this openly among themselves.

Upon the completion of the three essential tests, the akee-buntu male is grandly initiated into adulthood and is given a place in the community.

Although the above practices may seem unconventional in modern frames of reference, the concept of masculinity and man’s role in society cannot be ignored.