Interview with Paul Adcock, Author of Jungle King Secrets – A Libido-Liberating Lifestyle

Paul Adcock is an author, aphrodisiac aficionado, sexual super-food supplement scholar, and researcher of how sexual energy can be used for rejuvenation rather than just procreation and/or recreation. He is currently conducting research fulltime for his next book “Sex-Drug: Erotic Energy Ecstasy Elixirs and the Secrets of Passion.”

Tyler: Welcome, Paul. I’m certainly curious about your research into sex. To begin, what made you title your book “Jungle King Secrets”?

Paul: Thank you. You can take the name, “Jungle King Secrets” many ways. To achieve libido liberation, one has to have self-mastery over one’s animal instincts. The “king” part of the title represents that. The “jungle” aspect came from the fact that animals in the pristine wild always have the vitality needed to victoriously validate their virility. The libido-lowering lifestyle factors implicated in impotence and a lackluster and love life always come from the artificial aspects of industrialized civilization. Therefore, libido liberation is the result of living like a “Jungle King” in the wild, free from the trappings of modern civilization the libido-busting lifestyles that cause domestication.

Tyler: Will you tell us how the book is laid out and what readers can expect to find there?

Paul: The reader can expect to enjoy an explanation of every lifestyle factor that effects libido, no holds barred. My extensive research took me beyond the politically correct dogma on sexual, medical, nutritional, and lifestyle information. Scientists are making quantum leaps and bounds in scientific discoveries everyday. Why not integrate some of these implications in order to improve the quality our love lives? That’s what I decided to do. I found out that that there are many synthetic substances nowadays in our food, water, medicine, personal care products and environment that can lower one’s libido, reduce the maximum size of one’s sex organ, and destroy the orgasmic capacity of lovers. It’s really quite a tragedy.

Tyler: Are you saying that people are not experiencing the full sexual pleasure possible?

Paul: I feel ecstasy can be elevated endlessly. However, through modern sexual miseducation and misunderstanding, sex can be an endlessly exhausting, enslaving endeavor that leads to emptiness as well. Therefore, it is important to have empowering sex education. I’m not talking about the kind of state-sanctioned sexual education we were taught in school. I’m talking about the kind of sexual education that allows you and your lover to live an ecstatic existence, full of healthy happiness, fully awake and aware of the marvel and magic of life. I’m talking about the kind of sexual education that allows you and your lover to enjoy an erotic embrace as gliding genital gyrations that generate climatic currents of ecstatic energy that cascade into your consciousness, bestowing creativity, clarity and endlessly enhancing your earthly existence. Really good sex can not only provide soul-nourishing pleasure-sustenance, it can profoundly change our perception of life like the most potent psychedelic drug.

Tyler: Paul, will you provide us some examples of what is in our food and water and how it is affecting or reducing our ability to have full sexual pleasure?

Paul: Let’s take the pesticides, those “elixirs of death”, as an example. Every year, 4.5 billion pounds of poisonous biological warfare agents called pesticides are sprayed on our food to keep pests away. Many pesticides interfere with the metabolism of a neurotransmitter that is involved in sexual sensation and signaling called acetylcholine. Many of these pesticides also mimic the female hormone estrogen. What are the consequences of estrogen mediated hormone imbalances (the evils of excess estrogen) in men? Shrunken penis, atrophied testicles, feminization, male breast growth (gynecomastia), weight gain, decreased sperm count, prostate problems, weaker erections, etc. Now, do the pesticide residues found in our food and water supplies cause these things? I can’t say for certain. What I can say is that environmental researchers have found alligators in pesticide-contaminated lakes in Florida that have penises so small and testosterone levels so low they cannot function sexually.

Another example: independent laboratory tests found toxic chemicals called phthalates in more than 70{fb65e7e27c282a02fa0a36039dc4c9383b3a38d5a4237f8adb1f7680a9920255} of health and beauty products tested, including popular brands of shampoo, deodorant, hair mousse, face lotion and every single fragrance (used in cologne) tested. Phthalates lower the sex hormone testosterone, which can be a real problem for libido and health.

In my book, I detail the many other ways our chemical crazy civilization is causing male chemical castration and the simple solutions that people can employ to protect their potency.

Tyler: You mentioned these elements in our food and water can even reduce our sexual organs. In contrast, so many of us are bombarded with spam email to enhance our sexual organs. Should we buy into any of these grand claims, and if not, what instead should we do to reverse the problems that are resulting from the elements in our food and water and environment?

Paul: The best way to avoid shrinkage of the sex organs is to avoid the hormone killers, the chemicals that mimic estrogen or interrupt the metabolism of testosterone, because a low testosterone results in penile shrinkage.

I have found that most of the penis enlargement pills on the market are poorly formulated, contain low quality ingredients, and are generally ineffective. One study commissioned by the Wall Street Journal found significant levels of E. coli, yeast, mold, lead, and pesticide residues in some of the random penis enlargement pills they tested. My conclusion is, as a rule of thumb, a company that is marketing their products for penis enlargement is not going to be reputable enough to have a safe and effective product. The best advice I can give is to find out what kind of supplements work and then buy them from reputable companies that sell products of known quality. For example, if you want an herbal product that elevates testosterone, find a company that has lab tests that prove that their formulation does this. Then look into their quality and purity standards. Of course, these reputable companies will not likely be marketing their products as herbal aphrodisiacs or botanical erection power boosters, but you can use them as such if you know how.

Tyler: Can you give us an example of a healthy product people can take to enhance sexual pleasure?

Paul: One erotic essential is chocolate, better yet raw cacao (raw chocolate). Cacao naturally contains many chemicals that improve genital blood flow, and improved swelling of the sex organs generally spells better sex. Cacao also contains many psychoactive chemicals that can increase sexual desire and sensation. But you have to obtain real dark chocolate to get the benefits, not that watered-down wimpy stuff cut with loads of additives and sugar. I like chocolate from a company called Dagoba. They sell bars that contain 70{fb65e7e27c282a02fa0a36039dc4c9383b3a38d5a4237f8adb1f7680a9920255} cacao and up. It’s even better if you can find raw (unheated, untreated) cacao nibs. These bad boys don’t taste that good but they retain much more of the beneficial properties of the bean. If you obtain them raw, you just have to learn a little bit of aphrodisiac alchemy. You can blend them up in a blender, add the sweetener of your choice and maybe even some additional sexual super-foods and bam, you got an authentic erotic elixir. I include several recipe examples in my book.

Tyler: You referred above to your book discussing lifestyle. Will you expand on what you mean by lifestyle? Does your book include sexual techniques? Would you describe it as a manual?

Paul: The book extols the virtues of a libido-liberating lifestyle paradigm, which is based on a philosophical principle best described as harmonizing and harnessing the primal power of nature. All the libido-busting lifestyles and substances I detail in my book stem from a synthetic belief system, which I jokingly call “Better living through chemistry.”

This paradigm has failed us. Just look at all the obesity, degenerative disease, and unhappiness alone. These things are normal, but not natural. What I am trying to turn the reader on to is world-class wellness, better living through better living. Improved virility naturally emerges from improved overall vitality.

To answer your other question, the book includes some commentary on sexual positions, and styles of lovemaking, with the emphasis on methods that allow a man to maintain an erection so that lovers can linger longer in the magic of the moment.

Tyler: Paul, you starting out by saying, “libido liberation is the result of living like a “Jungle King” in the wild, free from the trappings of modern civilization the libido-busting lifestyles that cause domestication.” How do you suggest a person bring about a change in lifestyle to live like a “Jungle King”?

Paul: The archetype of a king is a royal and rich ruler. If one is in touch with their sacred spiritual source, they will respect themselves (and all life) as royal. If one has sovereign selfhood, they will make their own rules, be the master of their destiny and therefore be their own ruler. If people ecstatically enjoy their experiences on earth and love the lives they live, they are rich.

A certain style of sex can help crown one with this kingly consciousness. Why? Our nervous system is the temple of consciousness. Our endocrine system creates the chemistry of our consciousness. Our hormone structure and nervous functions fluctuate depending on our neuroendocrine function. Therefore, a style of sex that improves our neuroendocrine function can help create crystal clear consciousness of a royal rich self-ruler. The style of sex I am referring to here I termed making love at the “rhythm of rejuvenation.” It is detailed in my book.

Tyler: What about the Jungle Queen? Are women going to find help through your book as well as men?

Paul: About 95{fb65e7e27c282a02fa0a36039dc4c9383b3a38d5a4237f8adb1f7680a9920255} of all the information contained within the book is applicable to women. Women are wired differently than men in many ways. However, they have spongy erectile tissue that engorges with blood during sexual arousal just like men do, only it is mostly on the inside of their body. The chemicals that lower libido in diverse ways and sexual super-food supplements that enhance sexual ecstasy are generally the same for men and women, give or take. Women can certainly benefit from the rejuvenating aspects of sex (by making love at the “rhythm of rejuvenation”) as much as men can.

Tyler: You talk a lot about sexual ignorance in our culture. Will you explain further what you mean by sexual ignorance?

Paul: Everyone wants sensational sexual satisfaction, but many go about it backwards. Some seek imprudently to increase the intensity of the sexual excitement, often in ways that desensitize their nervous system and diminish the brain’s capacity to experience heightened pleasure in the process. A whole industry has sprouted up around novel sexual stimulation that becomes necessary to become aroused when people engage in styles of sex that cause them to become increasingly dull and desensitized. Sex toys, pornography, phone sex, fetish supplies, casual sex partner connecting services, etc., all feed this need. I’m not morally judging these activities. However, I feel endless ecstasy elevation and sustained sexual satisfaction lie in sensitizing one’s self to sensational soulful sex and cultivating it so it becomes more and more sublime, which is completely in the opposite direction.

Tyler: Paul, you said you are not a fan of pornography or casual sex partner services? Are you advocating monogamy? Is greater sexual satisfaction achieved by having one partner so you can train each other, or is variety the spice of life when it comes to sex?

Paul: Variety is the spice of life when it comes to sex. However, one does not need to have multiple partners to enjoy the vast variety of exquisite sexual states of ecstasy. To do this, lovers need to cultivate their sexual sensitivity so that sex becomes more and more sublime. One way to enhance erotic ecstasy is through sexual super-food supplements, which tweak hormone and neurotransmitter levers. Another way is through making love at the ” rhythm of rejuvenation” (explained in my book). Another way to enhance one’s love life is through energizing exercises. Multiple partners, porn, etc. tends to move one in the direction of dullness and desensitization. This is a vicious downward cycle because desensitization causes people to seek the neurochemical (brain chemical) buzz / thrill of novel partners or novel porn even more.

When constant conventional sex with one’s cherished, committed companion becomes boring, don’t have conventional sex. Make love at the “rhythm of rejuvenation,” which will balance out brain chemistry and provide a deeper fulfillment and satisfaction so that so called “novel sex” acts no longer have the same appeal.

Tyler: Our culture seems obsessed with sex, and yet so much about sex appears to be taboo. What kind of reaction have people had to your work and your book?

Paul: Sexual repression and sexual obsession are two sides of the same coin. The reason there is so much sexual obsession is because there is so much sexual repression and vice-versa. The minute you try to condemn (repress) something, it suddenly becomes irresistible, hence the sexual obsession. Morality is obviously a good thing, but it needs to be elevated. The traditional religious moral rules, regulations and restrictions on sex multiply its already attractive allure a million-fold. It is the law of reverse psychology working here.

To answer your second question, so far the feedback for my book has been positive.

Tyler: I understand you are continuing your research, to help people enjoy the drug of sex without the soul-corruption of other drugs. Is sex potentially soul-corrupting? We hear a lot these days about sexual addiction. Where is the fine line between intense enjoyment of sex and becoming sexually addicted?

Paul: Compare sex to the strongest drug or medicine. Can a strong medicine or drug be used in ways that are beneficial? Can a medicine or drug be used in a way that is destructive? No external authority can prescribe the correct dosage of the psychoactive drug we call sex; it is up to the individual to investigate the issue independently. However, I can say that soul-corruption starts when one begins to become a slave to a substance or activity. It’s all about balance. When one “self medicates” with sex in excess, seeking the orgasmic highs, he exhausts his sexual energy and becomes empty (strung out), which creates a cycle of craving to get high (often through sex) again. This cycle is highly addictive and can cause one to become enslaved. On the other hand, when one is conservative with their sexual energy, they can cultivate pleasure plateaus and peaks that makes the experience of sexual ecstasy more and more exquisite, in addition to energetically enhancing every other aspect of one’s earthly experience exponentially. The neurochemistry of this is all explained in the book.

Tyler: Paul, “Jungle King Secrets” also talks a great deal about Taoism. Will you tell us about how Taoism can be used in relation to sex?

Paul: Our attitudes and beliefs about sex tend to be shaped from religious moral regulation and/or mass media titillation. However, the ancient Taoist mind was not influenced by modern mass media, or the rules and restrictions of organized religion. They observed the organic pull and power of orgasmic sex has on the psyche from a nonjudgmental and scientifically perspective. Their primary pastime was the quest for immortality. Therefore, they tried to harness the power of sexual energy for things like physical rejuvenation and psycho-spiritual illumination rather than just procreation and recreation. From this perception, they devised practical methods of harnessing sexual energy to achieve these goals. I include some of the Taoist sexual wisdom that can be validated by modern science in my book.

Tyler: Paul, tell us about your company, Unity Foods. What is the relation between your interest in food and your interest in sex?

Paul: In terms of food and sex, nutrient supplementation and dietary modulation for better sex is a big part of “Jungle King Secrets.” Food provides the essential elements of the earth that the body needs to bio-synthesize bio-chemicals that cause the sex organs to swell, making sex possible. Supplementing the diet with sexual super-foods (real aphrodisiacs) that are rich in specific raw materials is a science that can spice up a couples love life infinitely. There are many sexual supplements that enhance the genital blood flow, tweak hormone and neurotransmitter balance in ways that are favorable to male ejaculation control, sexual stamina, etc. Certain sexual nutrients are also helpful in increasing sexual desire and drive, enhancing sexual sensation, and increasing female sexual engorgement and lubrication as well. Some herbal aphrodisiacs / super-foods can even aid in the alteration of our awareness during sexual arousal so that it is easier to get out of our minds and lost in loving sensation.

Tyler: I won’t ask what these foods and supplements are, but rather, are they readily available in the supermarket or a mall? How difficult is it to find these products?

Paul: Most supplements are relatively easy to obtain, especially with the advent of the Internet. It is, however, tricky to source quality sexual super-food supplements. I provide a lot of tips on sourcing supplements in the book because the difference between a quality super-food or supplement and a synthetic supplement or degraded natural source supplement with fillers, binders, etc. is like night and day. I have tried many products that I have not been happy with, and only a few rare jewels that I find to have noticeable results.

Tyler: Paul, would you say “Jungle King Secrets” is your answer to Viagra?

Paul: We all want simple solutions, and popping a pill is a lot simpler than rejuvenating one’s self through lifestyle adjustments. However, the results are not as rewarding as a libido-liberating lifestyle. The little pill you mentioned is a savage synthetic pseudo-solution with potentially severe side effects such as heart disorders, eye trouble, and infertility. It does not help heal the underlying condition that is causing the potency problem; it merely suppresses the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (impotence).

Tyler: Thank you for joining me today, Paul. Before we go, would you tell us about your website and what additional information can be found there?

Paul: Thank you. I wish everyone life-long libido and a lively love life that lasts a lifetime. The website is Check it out often, as I try to post new articles and videos that warn people about chemical castration, and explore valuable information about libido liberation.

Tyler: Thank you, Paul, for so much educational information. I wish you much luck with “Jungle King Secrets” and your continued research.

Paul: Thank you.

Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views was joined by Paul Adcock to discuss his new book “Jungle King Secrets: A Libido-Liberating Lifestyle,” Loving Healing Press (2008), ISBN 9781932690491.