Sexual Attraction

Sexual attraction is different from just attraction; the strategies are different. Sexual attraction is about “flipping the switch” of women, which is done indirectly.

Indirectly communicating it to a woman shows that you are apart of elite men who are very much sexually active and know the social cues that are necessary to get a situation going that will end up in sex.

Women want men to have sexual intelligence, which most men don’t. Now that sexual intelligence can only come through experience (unless you are reading this article!).

Get it Out Into The Open Right Away

When you get the subject of sex out in the open right away, then it frees you up to go even deeper in the sexual attraction arena and puts you in a good position to move towards sex. You basically got it out of the way.

You can actually focus on sex when you get it out of the way. And, I am just saying that you get the idea of sex out to the woman you are gaming. That’s it.

If so, you will be slotted in the non-sexual domain, which will make you look weak and seem weird.

How To Implement Sexual Attraction

You have to verbalize it. It’s that simple. Touch her here or there. null

Teasing her and implying her sexuality as strong can be done.

It could be as simple as saying this:

You: You know, I just met you right now, but you just gave me this look, and it was a… forget it. You look like a person that can’t handle something sexual…

Her: What…What!

You: Well, you gave me a really sexual look right now. It just made me think that you are probably very sexual-it’s just that I bet you are but just haven’t met the right guy to bring this out in you.


You: You know, I really like the fact that you like animals. If you stay here and continue to talk to me, I am going to hit on you some more…

She likes you if she stays. If she stays, she has passively agreed for you to continue. This is the best line ever. It puts you in a very powerful position.

You are basically telling her that you are going to get sexual on her and if she stays she is agreeing with you.

From here, you can make all kinds of sexual teases and they will stick, because she has accepted this and the sex thing is “on the table.”

Most people want to talk about sex; think about it. Sex is on our minds 24/7. Being nonjudgmental, sexual, and discreet, you will sexually attract women.