Drinking alcohol is a widespread addiction. There are conflicting counsels about how to stop drinking alcohol. You have to chart your own course from the myriads of crisscrossing ways to stop drinking alcohol.

Have a Clear Vision

A clear vision about an alcohol free life can motivate you and strengthen your efforts to stop drinking alcohol. If you stop drinking alcohol, you will improve your general health and quality of life. Your relationship with your parents, spouse, children, friends and relatives will improve.

Adverse Effects of Addiction

Addiction to alcohol may increase your chances of injuring yourself and others under its influence. Alcohol addiction ruins the life both physically and emotionally. It reduces the man to be his caricature. You set bad example before your children and forfeit moral authority to check them if they do anything wrong. There are numerous steps about how to stop drinking alcohol.

Self Help-Introspection

Think hard and try to see the benefits of abstaining from drinking alcohol. You may have been discarded by your boy/girl friend you loved most just because you are an alcohol addict and are given to repeated relapses. You may not have been able to realize your dream of distinguishing yourself, for example, as an art designer just because of your alcoholism. Try to analyze the outcome of your past drinking and envision your future. How it would change if you stopped drinking. Make a determined effort to stop drinking once for all. When you do so, you may be having conflicting thoughts about the benefits of stopping to drink alcohol and your helplessness in giving it up altogether.

Ambivalent Thinking

This ambivalence about drinking comes naturally to all the alcohol addicts. On the one hand you want to stop drinking alcohol and on the other hand you are terrified of giving it up. You may be afraid of failure. “What if I relapse again? My hopes will be dashed. It would be greatly demoralizing. I would be depressed more than ever before.” These dilemmas are faced by every addict trying to give up drinking. You may even deny your disease is chronic, incurable and progressive. Then there is one part in you that wants to drink for ever. A voice in you may also say that you are doomed for ever to this life of drinking. This voice may urge you to take a peg right now. This self denying pessimistic stance may impel you to continue drinking since it is impossible for you to quit it for ever.

The ‘Voice’ and You

However you must try to distinguish between ‘that voice’ and you, that is, your own real person. ‘That voice’ does not care anything about you, your values, welfare, dreams and ambitions for a good, happy and healthy life. Make up your mind to fight that voice and you are sure stop drinking alcohol once for all.

Support Groups-Alcoholics Anonymous

If self help does not succeed, there are numerous other resources to help you about how to stop drinking alcohol. One such popular resource is Alcoholics Anonymous-AA- that organizes meetings all over the world for those who wish to stop drinking alcohol. This group is comprised primarily of those persons who have been alcohol addicts. It may be noted that these persons are more qualified in offering useful tips and advice based on their own efforts, agonies, experiences and success stories. How can a person who has never touched alcohol throughout his life tender an effective and practical advice against taking it?

Alcoholics Anonymous keeps your identity anonymous. They have a 12- step universal program about how to stop drinking alcohol. It works for every alcohol addict. It is being presented to the public practically through every treatment program. Besides AA you can contact your family physician, psychologists, health professionals in outpatient and inpatient treatment centers and hospitals. You can also log on to internet to find many voluntary organizations that are only too happy to help you about how to stop drinking alcohol.