How To Get Women Into Bed By Unleashing Their Sexual Side

Are you wondering how to get women into bed quickly and easily? It’s much easier than we make it out to be. The key is to unlock her sexual side. To do this, you’ve got to understand what her sexuality is all about.

If you’ve ever been with a woman, you know that there’s a whole side of her that nobody gets to see. A woman’s sexual side is that whole side of her personality that she only lets out when you’re behind closed doors. After the point of attraction, after she’s comfortable, now she’s ready to have sex. Her brain’s primitive part is urging her on, going “Do it!”

Every woman has this side to her personality. Lots of guys mistakenly think that women aren’t into sex. They want relationships, security, money, etc. But this is a huge misconception. Women are just as hungry for it as we men are.

In fact, it only grows more out of control as women get older. Men peak sexually at 18 and it’s all downhill from there. That’s pretty tough to believe for most guys, but it’s true. But from age 32, a woman’s sex drive only increases.

We also often meet women who don’t appear to have a sexual side. You can easily see it with a girl at the club or a stripper; but what about your local librarian, or your quiet, demure co-worker. EVERY woman has this sexual side to her. Some keep it hidden better than others.

Guys are ready to attack anything that moves. It’s our nature. But for women, certain parameters have to be in place for them to let that sexual side out. You have to find things that are going to trigger a girl’s sexuality. You can think of it as a system of filters that are built from experience. For example, maybe a woman has been burned before and she doesn’t like players. Maybe it’s a man’s sensitive, vulnerable side that gets past the filter. You’re going to have to study each girl you want and learn how to get past these filters.

There are lots of ways to let this sexual side out. One of them is to use sexual frames. Sexual frames help to shape what a woman thinks about herself in order to give her a comfortable space in which to let loose her sexual side.

Before you can know how to get women into bed, you have to first understand how they think. This varies from woman to woman. So, use techniques such as sexual framing to draw her out and understand how she thinks.