Giving a woman orgasm is only the tip of an iceberg. These days, every man is trying his best to become the orgasm provider rather than dominating the hottest sexual climaxes of women. Orgasms without the power of sexual climaxes do not curve the toes of women with extreme pleasure. Have you ever though that why women seek a phenomenal lover if orgasms are the only need for them? If they can have explosive orgasms through masturbation then how can your orgasm giving skills make her see you like a “Sexual God”?

In order to be her sexual god, you need to focus on her details and fantasies because according to women, orgasms without fantasies are boring and less fun.


What if you have orgasm without visualizing or fantasizing? It would be like choking your little guy without any reason. Similarly, when you focus only on giving her orgasms instead of fulfilling her fantasies, you become her vibrator.

You need to accept the fact that right now almost 98 percent of men are only focusing on being a vibrator. Unfortunately, they do not understand that women sexual fantasies are not about vibrators. Conversely, you would be surprised to know that, women fantasies are much wilder than men. Then wildness of their fantasies ravishes their sexual/emotional desires and provides them extreme sexual pleasure. What you must remember is that your eroticism is far sexual than cunnilingus. So, before giving her the pleasure of cunnilingus, you need to ravish her with eroticism. Right now, I am about to reveal very useful hottest tips that will make you a sexual god for women.


Before I teach you that how to dominate sexual climax of women, it is highly important to make you understand some basic things. I want you to understand the basic details which most of the men miss. In fact, details are extremely important for sending a woman into sexual orbits. Now, here I would love to share a quote on eroticism which is so appropriate.

“A man’s eroticism is a women’s sexuality.” Kraus, Karl.

Eroticism is not about making your little guy a soldier. It is about becoming a sexual masculine man so that only your presence do intense foreplay and make women masturbate while fantasizing about you. So, for being that kind of guy, you do not have to muscular. Your gaze and placement in the environment is enough to make women melt. Remember, it does not matter whether you are in long-term relationship or dating with different girls. These below tips will present you as an erotic man and keep the sexual roaring flames alive in your presence.

• Correct your placement in the environment. A woman fantasy is not about a rat that hides himself in corners. You need to be in the center of room or place. Avoid talking/standing near doors, corners and stairs. In addition, this is the hidden secret which proves to women that whether you are naturally confident or faking through body language.

• A seductive gaze is far sexual than a long owl type eye contact. Women are not fools. They can feel so easily that you have been taught about eye contact and because of that, even if they kick your balls, you won’t blink your eyes. So, “A seductive gaze is all about your way of looking.” For example, if you tilt your head little and look at her with mysterious smile then this will bring storm in her emotions. Also, making an eye contact from across the room or wide distance is extremely attractive for women.

EXTREME COMBINATION (Wild Masculinity and Wild Fantasies)

Hottest sexual climax is the extreme combination of wild masculinity and wild fantasy. This combination always makes a woman roar with extreme sexual pleasure. Actually, women hold the power of sexual pleasure in their wild sexual fantasies. However, what I want you to understand is the basic sexual fantasies of women. But before revealing that, I have something very special to tell you about wild masculinity which is very important for making her worship you like a sexual god.

• BE A WILD MASCULINE MAN: A wild masculine man is like a sexual lion that exists in the wildest fantasies of women. He holds dominant personality traits with quality sexual tactics. While doing sex, he order and leads women with his deep masculine voice. He not only physically dominates the woman but also ravishes her sexually with his masculine strength. A masculine man makes women enjoy sexual pleasure freely without feeling guilty. Here is a great tip that makes a wild masculine man the top fantasy of women.

A wild masculine man is always a handyman. According to women, “A handy man is far masculine than a muscular man.”


The quickest way to give a woman multiple orgasms is by fulfilling her wild fantasies. A woman has different sexual fantasies but in her 98 percent of fantasies, a wild masculine man exists who ravishes her through his sexual aggression and makes her scream with extreme sexual pleasures. You would be surprised to know that some women even fantasize about getting fucked by a lion. So, before you become a wild lion, I would love to tell you about a shocking statement of women.

One in two women reported that men do not easily get whether they are sexually excited or not. This thing turns them off immediately. Unfortunately, this happens in long-term relationships most of the time. Well, here I am giving you a golden tip that will help to know that whether a woman is sexually excited or not.

• NOTICE HER NOSTRILS: “Swell nostrils of a woman prove that she is ready to enjoy wild lovemaking session.”