OSHA (the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has been working in the field of health and occupational safety. It is helping different sectors with its health and safety training programs. Because of its training programs the incidents and injuries at workplace has on a decrease. The fatalities at the workplace have also decreased because of these programs. The numbers of the people taking part in these programs are increasing at a high rate with each year. Health and safety programs are targeted to different sectors and industry and people in these industries are embracing it for their own benefit.

There are so many different programs are available which are run by firms, trade associations, educational institutions, groups. These programs can be divided into fundamental programs, recognition program, problem solving programs, empowerment program etc. Fundamental programs are used for disseminating primary information for prevention of job related injury and problems. Recognition programs aim at helping the students recognize hazards and ways to get rid of them. Problem Solving programs aim at developing knowledge and skill to identify problems related to health and safety and to solve them. Empowerment programs aim at making the workers aware of their rights of injury free and safe workplaces.

Certificate in Principles of Safety, Advanced Safety Certificate etc. Occupational health and safety training programs are conducted by OSHA. It has its own education centers in different parts of the country. These programs offered, certified or recognized by OSHA are generally 10- and 30- hour voluntary programs. These programs are offered in instructor led classroom environment. These programs provide standardized education and training for the workforce. Interaction and reinforcement both helps in diffusing the training to the employees. Trainers conduct these programs. Presently there has been little change in the process of disseminating the training. Now in these programs a blend of online and instructor led training is used to improve the efficiency and to make them easily accessible by the employees in need. Different organizations provide health and safety training programs certified and approved by OSHA. There are active trainers by state who will help you in completing the training. You can contact OTI education center for training related inquiries.

After the training you receive a safety card issued to your name. 10- or 30- student completion card is issued after completion of the program. It takes three to four weeks to process a request for student course completion cards. Student course completion card does not expire. Trainer gets a trainer Id number. It is valid for four years.

To maintain the trainer status, you have to take update courses every four years

Training is disseminated through presentation without much interactivity. Students have to answer multiple choice questions. This is harmful for the main purpose of the training. Presenting the learning in real world scenario will help in more effective absorption of these training. Peer to peer exchange, sharing of knowledge and expertise of the workers and interaction with the trainer and among them will help in a better way. Environmental and occupational health and safety courses and programs are available to train the employees.

These programs are mostly instructor led, but there are some online education programs are also there provided by institutes and colleges. These health and safety programs also have templates which can be used for preparing a training manual fro any place and any company. In Ontario and in Alberta also workers of different industries and specially those who are exposed to more risks like miners, construction workers, medical workers etc are going for the health and safety programs.

For well-being and wellness of the workforce in the workplace these programs are needed. Teaching and coaching is provided to the workers on health and safety issues in the workplace. Guidance is also provided by the instructor and the workers who have experience of such condition.

Workers can work with full strength and stamina when they have the assurance of a wholesome safe workplace. The management has to protect them and provide them shelter for safety along with medical advice in case of any unwanted happening. Safety is a part of the workplace and atmosphere. To maintain health and safety a continuous process and efforts are needed. Training is not a one time event. It should be reinforced from time to time. Refresher training can help in this matter. These training programs can create a safety culture where each and everything related to health and safety are taken care of. The training and creation of a health and safety cultures can save lots of lives and money.