It is almost known to all that smoking is bad for people’s health. Scientific researches show that smoking can lead to heart disease, cancer and other problem.

Smoking, which may be a pleasure for some people, is a series of discomforts for their fellows. Medical scientists have expressed their concern about the effect of smoking on the health not only of those who are smoking but also of those who live in the air polluted by tobacco smoke. And studies show that non-smokers suffer more than the smokers themselves.

Many people find it difficult to stop smoking. One reason is that smoking usually becomes a habitual behavior and habits, whether good or bad are not easy to be given up. Another reason is the effect of nicotine, the substance found in cigarettes works on people somewhat as drugs do.

Measures have been taken to help people keep away from the harm of smoking. In many cities, smoking is forbidden in public places. The danger of smoking is warned of everywhere. And newspapers are asked not to publish advertisements for cigarettes. World “No Tobacco Day” is observed every year as the biggest campaign against smoking.

A great number of students have joined in trying to persuade the university to forbid smoking. Smoking is not allowed in theatres, cinemas and in other public places. Therefore, smoking must be forbidden in our classrooms.

Although many people have passed away for having smoked a lot and we call on people to give up smoking, yet many more will turn down what we say every day. I think it more important to call on the smoker to use good judgment and to show concern for others.