Learning exercise tips gives you an advantage to improve your health. What is the sense of performing exercises if you are not doing it right? You’ll get poor results. These exercise tips will help you get back into the right track of being healthy.

1. Ask your doctor

This is one of the most important exercise tips. Before you begin with an exercise program never fail to ask your doctor for advice on the appropriate exercises for you. This is true especially if you have a heart condition, have diabetes, you are over 60 years old and if you are pregnant.

2. Warm -up and cooling down exercises

Remember the three steps of exercising. You should warm- up before exercising to prevent strains and sprains on your muscles and a serious injury. You should also cool down after exercising. Cooling down after exercising prevents muscle pain and soreness.

3. Take time to stop

Take time to stop from exercising when you feel pain, lightheadedness, dizziness, difficulty of breathing or cold sweat. You will need to contact a physician if you feel a crushing pain on the chest, pain on the chest that radiates to the left arm and the back, pallor and shortness of breath. One of these may indicate that you are already having a myocardial infarction (Heart Attack).

4. Gradual increase of activity

You should increase the amount of your activity weekly so that your body can adjust to the stresses of exercise. Do not exercise too rapidly because you might cause injury to yourself. It is advised that you add about 20 minutes to your routine every week.

5. Rest and sleep

You should take time to sleep and rest your body. You shouldn’t exercise late at night. This can wear your body down and cause insomnia. Stop exercising 3 to 4 hours before sleeping.

6. Scheduling

One of the exercise tips you need to know is to schedule your exercise activities. You should exercise 4 to 6 times a week but also remember tip number 4. Start with 4 times weekly. After each session, take down notes on what you felt and how you felt before, during and after exercising.

7. Healthy food

You still need to eat healthy. After exercising you’ll feel hunger, remember not to grab high caloric, high sugar and high sodium foods. The work you’ve done to burn those calories will just be wasted. You should also drink plenty of water, not soda or anything sweet.

8. For your comfort

When exercising, you should wear comfortable clothes. This goes especially for your shoes. There are no better shoes when exercising than a pair of good running shoes. Jogging pants are good but they should not be loose ones especially on the bottom, or else they could get caught in exercise equipment. Always have a hand towel when exercising to wipe off your sweat.

Basically, these are just some exercise tips you need to know and now you’ll do great in your exercise sessions.