Erection Techniques – Exercises To Get Stronger And Harder Erections

The best erection techniques are very effective when applied correctly.

A way to achieve more frequent erections and a higher sex drive is by using herbal erection remedies.

Herbs that increase your sexual energy levels, stimulate good blood circulation (necessary for strong and lasting erections) and give you general good health and motivation can work wonders.

Using a few different herbs and varying them can lead to better results.

The best news is that these are all perfectly NATURAL.

For me, what made sense was combining naturally occurring herbal supplements with penile massage, penile exercises and breathing techniques. My erections became much harder and I managed to increase my penile girth too.

Improving sleep quality for better erections

Why is it we get more night erections when we’re feeling better?
Less stress and better sleep quality lead to more frequent night erections.

What if a lack of sleep is the reason you can’t get hard so often?

A lack of deep sleep is a cause of low libido or weak erections more often than you may realize.

Sex Hormones

Sleep is essential for replenishing growth hormone levels, producing free testosterone and having a healthy sex drive.

If you find you’re having poor quality or simply not enough good sleep, natural aids to reaching deeper levels of sleep can help you produce more testosterone and a higher sex drive.

Naturally frequent erections

There are a fortunately natural methods that can improve your ability to stay hard for longer.
These methods are also likely to increase blood circulation (essential for hard erections), improve your ability to last longer and enhance your ejaculation control.

1. ZMA

ZMA is a supplement well-known in the bodybuilding world for enhancing muscle growth by assisting deep sleep and increasing levels of testosterone during sleep.

Brain and body reparation, muscle-building and a processing of toxins is managed by the body while we sleep.

Making a good night’s sleep your priority and improving the quality of your sleep is necessary for your libido’s health.

A balanced central nervous system, optimized levels of testosterone and regular, decent rest for your brain and your body will all increase your chances of a healthy libido.

Along with testosterone boosting supplements, reaching deep levels of sleep is important for a maintaining a healthy, functioning libido.

ZMA should be taken alone, not with other supplements and not with calcium (present in some dairy products). It should be taken around 20-30 minutes before bedtime.

2. 5HTP

5HTP is used primarily to assist sleep and to relieve symptoms of those who have mild depression.
How does it work?

According to this study on 5HTP, it assists your brain in the production of serotonin.

Serotonin is central to our body’s balance and can influence appetite, libido and sleep.

5HTP is used by many to alleviate symptoms of depression and insomnia. It’s also used as an appetite surpressant.

Reaching deeper levels of sleep using 5HTP can cause the body to detox faster and to improve hormonal balance. As a result, the central nervous system benefits and male sex hormones are able to return to normal levels.

Both physical and mental techniques when used together are the most effective.

Kegel Erection Techniques

Using Kegel exercises or erection techniques helps nearly every man to achieve harder erections, maintain erections for longer and for some, better ejaculation control and increased ejaculation distance.
What are Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are very simple. They involve flexing the muscles of the pelvic floor regularly in order to strengthen penile muscles and the urinary sphincter.

This is done by flexing the anus muscles regularly. Performing Kegel exercises every day for 1 minute (10 reps, hold your muscle for 5 seconds), 5 times per day can help to develop stronger muscles and harder erections.