Educational Opportunities for Careers in Massage Therapy

The benefits of receiving a massage can affect various areas of a person’s health. Students can learn the therapy by completing programs offered by natural healing colleges. Educational opportunities for careers in massage therapy treatments are available through formal education.

Massage programs provide students with the educational training needed to use soft to hard touch techniques to manipulate muscles. Training prepares students to enter several career areas where massage therapy is used to improve the health and mobility of a patient. Common career areas include:

  • Private Practices
  • Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Spas

Students that want to complete higher education and become massage therapists have various programs available to them. Programs can be completed at the certificate and associate’s degree level. Students that are planning on opening their own businesses after graduation should consider obtaining associate’s degrees. The in depth curriculum not only covers massage therapy practices but also business administration principles. Education trains students to target injured or overworked muscles in order to successfully relieve stress and alleviate pain. Different techniques can be used that pertain to the client’s physical condition. For example, the techniques used on an injured athlete will be different than that of a pregnant woman.

Students can find programs that explore multiple techniques to give them a wider knowledge base or they can enter specific programs that train them in one specific area. A basic certificate program needs to be completed before students can transition into advanced certificate programs that explore one area of the industry. Inside certificate programs students explore structural bodywork and how the theories of massage therapy apply to the different modalities. Students explore modalities or techniques that include cranial sacral therapy, trigger point massage, shiatsu, and myotherapy. Other course topics explore pathology, physiology, and anatomy. Students can take their knowledge and work in health clubs and chiropractic care offices.

Inside advanced certificate programs students will focus on a particular area. Students can complete training in aromatherapy massage, medical massage, and sports massage. Education trains students to implement massage techniques using a holistic approach. Coursework explores several areas such as body mechanics, spa practices, and massage therapeutics. Students that obtain a more specialized education are able to work inside rehabilitation clinics, sports facilities, and pre-natal care offices.

The knowledge of anatomy, technique, and business administration are highly emphasized inside associate’s degree programs. Students will work through courses in sport medicine, pathology of disease, and medical terminology. After students gain a solid base in physiology and anatomy training will focus on various types of massage therapy to prepare students for professional careers. Relaxation and deep tissue massage are some styles students learn.

Students should research their states requirement on licensure. The National Certification Examination of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork ( ) is one organization that provides licensure for aspiring professionals. Students should research the different educational training opportunities available through massage therapy schools and colleges and begin studying how to enter the lucrative industry.

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