Documented Missing Nutrients and Their Impact on Your Health – Get More Energy, Better Moods Easily

A New Health Education Strategy for Individuals & Businesses.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) classes for doctors, nurses, RD’s, etc. are designed to present New Breakthroughs in health and Wellness science so medical professionals can offer improved quality of life to people – Although this is a fine health education strategy, this is not what typically happens.

During our health challenge journey for our son – Shortly after we were told by the doctors that there was “no hope” for his condition to improve, we were presented with new CME. During this American Medical Association (AMA) approved CME my wife heard an interesting question from a doctor – He asked the MD’s, RN’s, and others in attendance – Why is it that 60{fb65e7e27c282a02fa0a36039dc4c9383b3a38d5a4237f8adb1f7680a9920255} of Americans consume a Multi-vitamin but all major disease rates continue to rise?

If you are interested in optimum health as you age, this is a question well worth you asking and answering competently. So,…what follows is what I learned from new CME with our son’s health issue and what seems to form a competent health education strategy.

Are their Missing Nutrients which are impacting your health, immunity, energy and quality of life?

Since the Center for Disease Control in America has publicly stated that all the major killer diseases (such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.) on their list are “preventable with proper nutrition”,…it would seem that their MUST BE SOMETHING MISSING.

The USDA has documented something that is VERY HARD for you to detect – Missing micro-nutrients in many popular/common fruits and vegetables, including 100{fb65e7e27c282a02fa0a36039dc4c9383b3a38d5a4237f8adb1f7680a9920255} of the vitamin A in potatoes, GONE and the U.S. senate has written about the serious implications of our soils lacking minerals.

There is scientific support showing that replacing missing nutrients can have a profound impact on human immunity, energy, cognitive function, etc… but besides these “often unknown reports” it just makes common sense – The body needs certain key nutrients and it was designed to get its nutrients from food – and a synthetic/commonly purchased Multi-vitamin is NOT food-based (that’s why they often say “Take with Food” on the label – so your tummy won’t get upset – Check Yours Now). Good food, including your Multi-vitamin, should NOT make your tummy upset.

When our food is missing key micro-nutrients due to over-used soils, dependence on NPK only farming, green-harvesting and other modern practices we have more health breakdowns/illnesses over time.

So, there you have it – an accurate health education strategy and summary… Illness rates continue to climb because many of our foods have been documented as missing key micro-nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, gly-co.nutrients, and plant sterols and the Multi-vitamins most people take are synthetic (not natural/plant-based) and are therefore not recognized as bioavailable by the body – this was proven in medical research awarded the Nobel Prize in the 1930’s.

After attending CME classes and seeing our families health restored in numerous ways I would recommend that anyone interested in optimal health, less pain, more energy, anti aging, greater immunity and top notch quality of life gain an understanding (through your own health education strategy) of the value of plant-based Multi-vitamins/minerals and discover the various ways you can replace documented missing nutrients.