Discover How to Give Women Intense Sexual Pleasure

Sexual satisfaction is one important factor of a successful relationship. A woman who is sexually fulfilled is of course happy and faithful. Sexual dissatisfaction can lead to a lot of relationship problems like infidelity and to avoid this from happening you have to know how to give women intense sexual pleasure.

Female orgasm is a very intimidating subject for men maybe because most men noticed that most women have difficulties reaching orgasm during lovemaking. Men are sometimes clueless on how to give women intense sexual pleasure and bring them to orgasm.

To give men the idea on how to give women intense sexual pleasure, here are some tips:

Do not get discouraged and blame yourself. Sometimes men cannot perform well during lovemaking because they are pressured thinking that it is their fault that their woman failed to reach orgasm. Most women have difficulty achieving orgasm due to the way their mind works and not because of you. So if you want to succeed and give women intense sexual pleasure, do not blame or pressure yourself so that you can perform well during lovemaking.

Stay in control. In order to give women intense sexual pleasure, you have to be in control of your body and emotions. You have to last longer and hold your own orgasm until she reaches orgasm. This is about her and you should let her orgasm first and do your best to stay in control and last longer.

Prolonged foreplay and oral sex. Women need more time to get aroused and reach orgasm. To give women intense sexual pleasure, you have to be patient and give time for prolonged foreplay. Use your fingers, lips and tongue to tease her on her sensitive parts. Women usually reach orgasm through oral sex so it is important to know how to caress her down there. Doing the wrong things might spoil the mood so be sure not to hurt her because the clitoris has many sensitive nerve endings.