Dilemma Amidst Destructive Practices – Whose Responsibility?

Human beings can, at times, be their own prisoners from their own choices, values and decisions. These could either be acquired or inherited from ancestors. The main sources of them might be; families, clans (tribe or local culture), churches (religion), friends, hospitals, schools, national constitution, wider media and glorified personalities or Celebrities. These could potentially influence people’s attitudes and behaviors. But, also, influence of harmful practices could have influence from both local and global sources.

Some of the harmful behaviors could include; abusing alcohol and drug, having entire savings traded for God, becoming promiscuous, getting humiliated, carrying out plastic surgery, aborting, environmental degradation and natural resources abuse, eating disorders, negative stereotyping and making generalized statements against others, child abuse, joining prostitution, sex slavery, woeful relations, paying bride price etcetera. Actually, any other thing chosen and acted upon yet of risk, could fall here.

Agents of destruction front risky actions as good on the surface, yet below them, by large, are “very dangerous to follow”. The danger element, surprisingly, would not deter their fan from taking risky actions. Unfortunately, at orientation into it, the danger side could be ignored.
The problem victims could perhaps have is never to question both sides of the coin -before making a decision. Questioning, per say, would appear simple to write or say, but very few people could do it. For them, they could have been groomed to follow, to be submissive and, that is it. It is what some people call blind faith.

Behind them (change agents) exists people with an overall objective. For them, like change agents, only share specific objectives. As was with the Catholic Church before the reformation, the mission was sacred -where trying to question only portrayed one; a sinner, a betrayal and, who qualifies to go to hell. Later on, people began forming attitude -that greatly influences mental and physical health.

In case followers showed senses of doubt or at “fault”, they could be asked to repent to the “unknown” – who really happens to be them. Having done saw, there would be emotional releases -a feeling of relief, as if a baggage has just fallen off the shoulders. They could act like; a clique of conmen popular in West Africa. And they could go as far as erecting a leadership structure.

With a fault already attached to a recruit, asking for forgiveness could help the body respond consistently to the “fact” that he or she has been forgiven, and eventually, recovers. The entire process seems to be natural as long as specific orders are followed. It is a model confirmed and popular taught by religious-science churches in the United States of America (USA).

The most critical element would be to accept, that he or she has been forgiven. Guided by the representative of the” unknown” -who because of the respect he harbors, has the charisma to influence the lives of others. The most important capital to them would be; earning respect and communicating effectively.

Using the relationship created with his or her audience, he or she could begin reaping from the capital. Like army generals, they could now shout, “Left! Right! About turn!” and the audience would automatically follow. Meanwhile, what would be the end point here could be to ask for money, for this and that. The then unconscious and brain-washed people, as would be expected, follow.

But remember, the members of the audience do have more problems that would have compelled them to go to representatives of the unknown. In the first place, they would be lucky if they are not sexually abused. This time, they would be impoverished. And under extreme circumstances, they could lead to lunacy. Yet continued membership and subject to the toxic ideological waste, behaviors remain odd, and worrying to people, who care.

In African, lack of knowledge of about human rights, reluctance of them and sometimes simply inapplicable, failure to link harmful practices and ill-health, and inadequate skills to apply -when besieged by them, has been a key problem.

Otherwise, people would not be drowning into such practices well-knowing they cause serious harm. And, besides, such practices could undermine development or retard it -a diagnosis some people refer to as intellectual poverty.

Surprisingly, in Africa, what is dangerous is considered normal and vice-versa. These, for example, could be; being a fan of war, corruption, practicing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), murdering due to malice, and show of prejudice. They create these dangerous practices and say if they are not followed it is a taboo. And since people seldom dig into the background of the harmful ideas, they could merely believe.

Interestingly, life was so simplified that whichever one believed would work whether in a wrong way or right way. This shows how nature provided for freedoms and democracy -long before man could introduce his own dimension.

Dictatorship is to man against fellow men. But, man’s democracy also is divisive, as would be compared with the universal one given by nature. This is so because it chooses to oppress and ignore minority views.

In relationships, it would be possible to find a battered, woman only strengthened by the same torture. Even at a point of coma, she would still cry out for the abusive and sometime promiscuous man. Yet in the same unhealthy relationship, loving is one-sided.

Even with presentations of alternatives of seemingly more beautiful or handsome, they would fail to quit the trouble-some relationship -as if it is gold tainted. And yet, it could potentially bring about out endless emotional pain, physical illness -and sometimes culminate into suicide.

Some people, because of extreme love for themselves, could go for plastic surgery -in spite of its fatal risks. Their unrealistic intentions soon turn sour yet irreversible. One gets psychologically imprisoned by having to deal with effects of cosmetic surgery time and again. Then, one could begin to blame doctor, who at best might only give just body maintenance instructions, and at a cost.

Katharine and Castle (2004) found out that clients’ objectives were short-lived, and attempts were only to redo the spilling parts. The procedure, thus, caused psychological unrest. “…experience depression and adjustment problems, social isolation, family problems, self-destructive behaviors and anger toward the surgeon and his or her staff.”

Payment of bride price is another night mare that could compromise the principle of equality. It could be observed that before marriage, as during dating, lovers respect each other. But as soon as they are confirmed husband and wife, problems ensue -to soon join victims of domestic violence. If there was any strongest support for bride price by either the bride or her sympathizer, they could perhaps be the ones to pay.

Alcohol and drug abuse too has almost similar psychological effect on a person. The mind could get so used to the substances that one thinks drinking more and more would answer withdrawal effects.

As if silly, the fellow could drink until he or she ends up being unproductive, looking lousy, damaging the liver, having memory problems, and lunacy. Sometimes, they could continue abusing drugs and alcohol until they mute themselves out.

In forested areas, it is another tragedy. People rush into them to farm, moreover using primitive methods of cultivation. They would have to keep clearing several hectares of land to create new season’s farm land.

The mass de-forestation along side industrial pollution could, then, give way to global warming as much as climate change. Indeed there are chronic cases of deforestation in places like Mayuge District. Whilst in the forests, encroachers have a live here or die out of here motto. They simply can never quit the area.

But every nice thing can have imprisonisation element. One could, for example, get addicted to meat or butter -which could put be at risk of cardio vascular problems. Even with other foods, people could over-eat -till they either vomit or get indigestion problem, could cause instability within the person. And so is the saying, “too much of anything is bad”.

At one time President Museveni, upon increment of sugar prices, asked people to quit -noting that its consumption could be a health hazard. Most Ugandans were rather bitter, yet the man had a point!

Also, where slimy bodies are a fashion, it could be another problem. Starving one-self to almost death because being slimy is beauty could, instead, cause serious health conditions, and eventually death. Such conditions could be like; total weight loss, extremely weak, getting sick for over six months and then death. Where as elsewhere people cry for food, in some places they totally hate it.

Research has revealed that fans of slimy bodies tend to have personality problems, as being perfectionists -and could commit suicide if all did not go well. With multiple deficiencies, the person could be muted to death.

Abortion is still an issue of debate world over. It is a rude way of family planning -which could have been the reason why it was not included in the common set of family planning methods. Young women, who abort often conceive in unusual situations, and moreover; earlier than planned. Having to choose abortion could be almost attempting suicide. And at less, lead to infertility. Surprisingly, young people still go ahead to abort.

Stereotyping and generalization could be a social problem. For example; there is wider saying that Basoga are sex maniacs. This statement could be hear virtually anywhere in Uganda. But about how conclusions were made, is another issue. Really, how many Basogas are on the streets of Kampala under sex slavery?

Similarly, discrimination, segregation and negative labeling are another serious psycho social problem. When in late1990s data showed Basoga as being most fertile, other tribes branded them maniacs at sex.

They forgot that the region has so many Muslims. Well, there are no records about the actual number but in Mayuge, alone, hardly would one walk and come across a person with a Christian name. But remember, these people have four or so wives to begin with.

Anyway, with Basoga talk, one would perhaps take it light, but must not be discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWA). Such could important predictors of depression, damaged self-esteem and above all; one could go ahead to either commit suicide, murder or infect others (for the PLWAs). Is that nice?

Unfortunately or fortunately, with traditional beliefs, educated people are reported to shrive around them. Surprising findings by Butabika hospital revealed that even the educated elite in Uganda quested for faith and traditional healing, rather than visit health centers.

However, people would need only to deal with the good out of anything rather than the whole -good and bad. A mixture of both good and bad cannot make life (wellness). As that, it could jeopardize wellness search and deny individuals a chance to achieve life goals, be happy, and successful. Most important in life would be to experience universal goodness and, as the focus and purpose. And, so, is the power of positive living.

While in the face of the bad, there could be no alternative but to find one’s way -both in thoughts and body, out of the danger line or trap. And with psychological issues, it could only be a matter of jumping out and escaping before the worst would come. Otherwise, one could follow the likes of Kibwetere and company, among others.

Most of the associations and relations with people could take elements of a cult -where some people emerge as most powerful and influential. It could be the excess show of power and influence, fronting of strict regulations directly or indirectly drawn by an inner circle leader himself -for the memberships to follow. Above all; the inner circle, could be one overall member acting as god. Out of it, there would be usually no good ending in its lifecycle, rather harm or destruction.

Whilst planning ones way out, there are some activities that could be done. These may be hobbies like reading health books, sending messages to health friends and perhaps to watch premier league or football in general. Foot ball is a peaceful game. Its entertainment too could bring a lot of rewards (of wellness). As these are being done, one could gain confidence, and support; swiftly, sought.

Under extreme situations, mentally toxic places should be abandoned. Even the Bible- which is said to be most read book on earth -does support the idea of fleeing a harsh and disastrous situation. Without quoting any verse the following questions could bring light: 1) Why would the Egyptians have to leave Egypt? 2) Why did the angel ask Joseph and Mary to relocate when King Herod became a sort of Amin? 3) Why could Lot have to free the unbearable Sodom and Gomorrah -without looking back like a king of 100 meter athlete? 4) Why did Elijah run when heavy rain was about to pour?

Life is full of very many opportunities that would not make one feel as though his situation means end of life. It would be a matter of resetting and focusing on goodness. And there on, form positive values for wellness development.

And whilst in a hot seat, it could be more a matter of planning, setting standards, making a choices and actions -as long as they represent universal goodness, than to negotiate. Having got there, one could use the experience obtained to help others survive entering the gates of misery and unplanned death or loss.

Non-violence strategy too could be critically thought about. It has a rich Christian component that does not support an eye for an eye game -yet actively expressing one’s human rights. In it, again, one would deter emotions from mixing up with the mentally toxic people (or things), denouncing them by continued actions of universal goodness (to oneself and other), and just refusing to acknowledge their selfish and agonizing behaviors. The kind of refusal could be as similar as refusing to kiss a crocodile.

And when a village is under attack, you simply take off and investigate later. But in military terms, it could be to first retreat then remobilize. For universal goodness, there are not only good things ahead, but nice friends as well. It is them that one would surround himself with -for wellness. But in all, one must stop himself and walk out toxic area. Life is bigger enough to find refugee and happiness small things and people who make other’s existence difficult.