Demonic Attack As a Result of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

When you see the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption it becomes a wonder why anybody should choose alcohol as a solution to their problems. So why do people drink and how does it make them vulnerable to satanic attack?

Violent attacks, aggressive responses and out of control sexual behaviour are just some of the symptoms of drinking too much. The consequences can be even worse; police arrest, family breakdown, loss of employment, rape (victims and perpetrators of) are just some of the scenarios that can follow a drink binge. The price society pays is even greater. The very fabric of our communities are threatened by the demon drink as culprits become younger and younger. The devil can have a field day with such a powerful ally.

Yet still all the associations society makes where alcohol is concerned are positive ones. Having a drink is still most people’s idea of a celebration and a way of having a good time. Friday night is the perfect excuse for drinking into oblivion. For some, Saturday night brings a repeat performance. Vacations are really just a cover for a non stop alcohol fest that more often than not leads to even more shameful behaviour. The payback the morning after is painful and nauseating, yet still the entire experience is dressed up as something to be desired.

How many people I wonder really do enjoy doing this sort of damage to themselves, and how much of it is peer pressure and boastfulness. How many pints men can drink correlates to masculinity, and for women the more bottles of wine they have the more they impress their friends. All the while the health consequences and the psychological damage done are immeasurable. Drinking is a way of escape.

Far better to have a life you don’t need to escape from. The way to do this is to rebuild your spiritual links.

Spiritual connections are damaged by too much alcohol. If you are on a faith walk and trying to balance drinking with a relationship with Christ, you are deceiving yourself. The devil works by suggestion and the more you drink the more vulnerable you are to these suggestions. Have you noticed how people’s perceptions change with alcohol? Why do they become more aggressive, more filled with self-pity, paranoid, desperate for attention? These are all the lies of the devil which find a perfect foothold in the inebriated mind.

People drink to relax, to unwind, to feel happier, yet all the indications are that alcohol produces completely the opposite effect. It tenses the muscles, makes the heart work faster, and stresses the mind. The only way out is to quit completely, and the best way to quit is to call on Jesus as your saviour. The quickest route to relaxation is to throw the bottle away and hand your worries to the Lord.