Breast Cancer can be treated effectively if it is detected early enough. Some 95 percent of breast cancers are discovered by the patient herself when she notices a lump. In all too many cases the discovery is made by chance and the lump may be quite large. The good news, though, is that most cities have a breast cancer treatment center.

The cure rate for breast cancer could be greatly improved if all women made a routine of monthly self-examination and then consulted a physician immediately if they found the least indication of a thickening or lump. Most such lumps are benign, but it is most important that the ones that are malignant be identified without delay. Nearly every city has a breast cancer treatment center that would provide patients of services for full diagnosis and various options of the treatment of their breast cancer.

Cancer of the breast is a leading cause of death in American women. One woman in 8 will develop this condition. The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute recommend that every woman follow a prescribed method of self-examination just after the menstrual period, continuing every month after the menopause.

The procedure consists of carefully looking at and feeling the breasts, and takes only a few minutes. However, most cancers are diagnosed only after they have begun to cause symptoms, and the diagnostic method most used is the biopsy.

Currently, the American Cancer Society recommends scheduling mammography-X-ray examination that detects breast cancers too small to feel (less than 1cm)-every 2 years for women between 40 and 49 years old and yearly thereafter.

A breast cancer treatment center would provide patients for information or facts about handling breast cancer. They have support programs and services that would help patients and also their family in managing and coping with their cancer experience. Treatment opportunities like chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy with corresponding medicine therapies, including healthy nutrition for patients as well as mind, body and spirit development.