Book Review – The Millionaire Workout by Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee was a former physical education teacher who became a fitness trainer. Later, as he developed his website and web ventures, he became fully an entrepreneur on the web. This book, “The Millionaire Workout”, is a good book that I read that focuses on two interesting topics: physical fitness and creating wealth through the web.

This is a 21-day plan for both physical fitness and financial fitness. You go through a chapter a day and do the exercise program. There are tidbits and gems of information on both subject matters.

The physical fitness routines are direct and quick. If you are doing just 20-30 minute of monotonous treadmill walks or workouts, you will get a much better workout in this program. You will spend at most 12 minutes which includes brief rest periods. That is not long. The exercises are bodyweight exercises that get incrementally more difficult as you progress through the 21-day program. Personally, I learned full body exercises such as lunges, burpees, squat presses, etc. that were more effective to get your metabolism up and going. This is a great way to start off your exercise program. Currently, I have elevated my exercise program to more difficult and longer routines. But, you can learn much from going through the routines.

The wealth creation steps are good. It gives you some ideas and also how important it is to establish a specific niche in the web. You do not want to spread out to wide on the web. Also, there are helpful pointers on how to generate traffic such as doing ezine articles, blogging, etc. Some of the tips may get outdated since the web is dynamic and changing every day (or even every hour). There are still useful pointers that you can apply to get your web business started without putting a lot of money into it.

This book is a good primer to get you started in the right direction for your physical fitness and financial fitness. Every now and then, I still do some of the bodyweight exercises. I still do articles in ezine articles. Thus, there is still a benefit that I am reaping from reading (and more importantly, applying) the lessons from this book, “The Millionaire Workout”. It is only a 21-day program that you go over again to ensure that you are absorbing and applying the lessons on fitness and money. Overall, this is a good book to point you in the right direction.