Association Between Green Tea and Prostate Cancer – What You Should Know!

EGCG is a kind of antioxidant, which is found in green tea that makes it healthier for the human body to consume. Research has established that this EGCG has a strong proapoptotic impact against cancer. It is necessary to know about the green tea and prostate cancer as these two have a close association.

Rich in Antioxidants

Green tea consists of potential antioxidants because of the availability of high quantity of bioflavonoids, which is also considered to be polyphenol. The tea generally manifests almost 60{fb65e7e27c282a02fa0a36039dc4c9383b3a38d5a4237f8adb1f7680a9920255} of antioxidants due to which it turns out to be one of the most effective natural herbs to prevent against cancer.

Antioxidant Protects from Cancer

By accepting green tea ingredient in your regular food, you are protecting your body from one of the deadliest illness of these days – cancer. If you ensure that you are taking care of your health in a great manner it is reflected in your life, and you are less prone to any type of diseases.

Continuous consumption of the tea in your regular routine can slow down the probability of contracting with any kind of cancer, including prostate cancer as well.

Tips to Find Right Supplement

Now, you need to search out the best brand of green tea to leverage the optimum benefits of this extract in your daily diet. Why it is advisable to opt for a supplement instead of opting for tea extract? In a supplement of any herbal ingredient, the extract of that particular herb is in high density and is more effective, and a small quantity can work proficiently.

Consuming green leaf tea is good. You can take advice also from some physician about what quantity of the herb can generate effective cancer prevention impacts of the antioxidants to get a fair idea how much extract will be required by you on a regular basis.

Check for Right Brand

Making a right selection of a proper supplement is necessary to keep your body fit and healthy. Don’t forget to check out that the product or supplement you are opting to take has adhered to the standardized guidelines of the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) which has been established to product the right and safe products.

Check the GMP label

The GMP is governed by the FDA and the list of ingredients available on the package label can ensure that you have opted for the right branded product. The manufacturers who wards off or neglects the appropriate GMP labeling, which should be manifested on their package, should be left out from using.

Opt for Green Tea Supplement

For the ideal type of multivitamin supplement, choose the brand that comprises of herbal ingredients, e.g. milk thistle, green tea, turmeric, etc. including amino acids, and other nutrients, all the vitamins and other minerals important to the health of your body.


The benefits are, in fact, many apart from preventing only prostate cancer. It is therefore, highly recommended to take advice of your medical practitioner and draw a chart of green tea ingredients, which will make you learn the benefits and also take a suggestion from your physical about the right quantity of the green tea supplements or extract to be taken on a regular basis to maintain the best health and lead a great life. If you are really serious about your long and healthy life, don’t forget to incorporate green tea in your daily meal, it will protect you from several deadly illnesses, including prostate cancer.