Alcoholism and Substance Abuse – One Cause of Mental Illness or Disorder

Alcoholism and substance abuse or drug abuse had been a prevalent condition of so many people. Many people have found ways to alter consciousness using drugs, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and other substance that temporarily remove them from any state or condition of fear, too many worries, boredom, anxiety and the presence of so much problems. If a person have fallen into a trap and exceeds on using these substances, they develop some form of an addiction.

Addiction is a continuous process if it is not cured or dealt with on its early symptom. It can ruin the life of the person involved and also their future. The prevailing economic condition that we have, more and more people are addicted to drugs such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and many more. These elements give them a heavenly feeling, but the truth is, they are already hallucinating things beyond their control. There are various reasons why people use and overuse alcohol and other kinds of addictive drugs. Some people use them for pleasure others use them as an aid to appreciate music and even sex while other people use them in order to stay awake on a night shift.

When worst comes to worst, those people who became dependent on drugs increase the dosage until it becomes the center of their lives. Drugs and alcohol became a need not just for pleasure because they are already addicted to the substance. One negative effect of drug and alcohol dependence is that once they stop taking the substance even for a day, they get sick because their body is already hooked to it. Most alcohol and drug addicts are involved in criminal activities because of the price involved in purchasing those illegal drugs tend to be costly.

Drug addicts commit criminal activities such as robbery, drug dealing, driving while intoxicated and even prostitution just to continue gaining access to their drugs. The worst thing is that they can even kill someone especially when they are under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Most of them will lose their job, so the last resort is to commit criminal activities like those that were mentioned. Drug addicts may also lose their marriages, their income and their relationship towards their family and true friends.

When everything comes into worst, drug addicts may end up into overdose, malnutrition, diseases and even commit suicide. Most of the people who get hooked into drugs die because of a drug overdose. Too much dependence on those illegal drugs will slowly kill them because as their body gets accustomed with the amount of intake. Once they get used to it, the next time they use drugs requires a bigger amount of dosage so that they can achieve a more desires result. The more they take every time they use drugs, their bodily functions and organs degenerate.

Since alcohol and drug abuse is a prevailing situation, the government does not stop in reminding people about the negative effects of those substances. There are also private organizations and nongovernmental groups who are willing to help out those people who became dependent on using drugs and would like to go on rehabilitation programs. For example, Utah mental health, Utah marriage counselor, Utah therapy and Utah family therapist are some of the things that a person may undergo in order to help them cope up with the addiction that they have developed in using too much alcohol and drugs.

In summary, alcohol and drug addiction is not a solution to whatever problem that we have. If we want to achieve something, we can do it with the assistance of friends and family members. It should not be an excuse that people do not like us or that no one will help us that we resort to the use of alcohol and drugs such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana because these elements will not provide solutions to our problems, they will only make things worst. The next time that we have some serious situations in life, we can seek the help of professionals just like a marriage counselor or whatever the situation ask for, there are many professionals out there who are willing to help.