Recent media coverage has been devoted to the ability of alcohol to extend human life span. A rather insolent statement considering the historical barrage of disparaging findings regarding alcohol and its secondary ill health effects. However, if we isolate this one finding without examining the broader context of alcohol’s adverse health effects, in the long run, we probably do more harm than good.

Using Albert Einstein’s famous equation,


I have formulated the Time Longevity equation. By replacing the velocity of light coefficient with its equivalent velocity variables (distance/time), I have generated the Time or Longevity equation. Time equals the square root of distance squared times mass times the inverse of energy. I have proclaimed this formula, The Rainer Time Longevity Equation.

Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation

T=√D2x M x 1/E

Rainer’s Time Longevity Equation states that an organism’s life span is interdependent on three variables. Those three variables are Distance (D), Mass (M), and Energy (E). Animals of various species, including man, may alter these three variables in order to prolong life. Since time is relative to movement through space, animals may slow the aging process by forward movement through space. The greater the distance covered, the greater the positive impact on longevity. Animals that have the capacity to fly have an increased (D) variable compared to their non flying counterparts. Likewise, animals that typically fly or swim large distances will have a similarly increased life span. In short, caging migratory animals equates to a death sentence. The Galapagos Tortoise for example, has capitalized on all three variables of Distance (D), Mass (M), and Energy (E) in order to maximize its average life span of 150 years. The tortoise shuttles through the ocean’s currents (Increased D); It possesses a large inert shell that requires no metabolic maintenance (Increased M); Tortoises possess exceedingly slow movement with a similarly decreased metabolic rate (Decreased E).

Man has achieved greater longevity through modernization which includes amongst other things, more rapid travel modalities (Increased D). Air travel has helped push man’s life span to higher limits. Space travel shows even greater promise in extending man’s life span. Increased Mass allows larger mammals to extend their life span by increasing the (M) variable. Man may also alter time by manipulating the Mass (M) variable. Ancient Egyptians brilliantly utilized this fact by spending time residing in pyramids. Bear in mind, that a pyramid by virtue of its construction, is virtually entirely mass. Modern French researchers were astounded when they placed a dead cat and raw fresh meat in the interior of the Great pyramid, only to find both items exquisitely preserved days later. Likewise, Dinosaurs improved their life span by virtue of their enormous mass.

Lastly, this brings us to Energy (E), the final variable of the Rainer Time Longevity Equation. Given that time or longevity has an inverse relationship to energy (E), all things that decrease Energy will invariably increase time. However, I would like to point out that items that decrease the (E) variable and therefore increase longevity, may not necessarily improve the quality of life. Items that decrease the Energy (E) component and cause a decrease in Basal Metabolic Rate and secondarily increase longevity, include the following: love, marriage, hibernation, sleep, coma, stupor, caloric reduction, prayer, meditation, medicinal substances that suppress the central nervous system.

This brings us to the discussion of alcohol. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. Furthermore, it decreases brain endorphin production. Alcohol may increase longevity by decreasing the Energy (E) variable thus reducing Basal Metabolic Rate. However, we must not overlook the obvious ill effects that alcohol has on our overall health. Alcohol causes brain atrophy, liver cirrhosis, and promotes the formation of various types of cancer. Alcohol in a broader context has damaging effects on the body. Additionally, by reducing endogenous brain endorphin levels, alcohol robs our subconscious mind of its creativity and severs our link with God. Alcohol steals our ambition which, many may argue, is our chief purpose for existence.

Invariably, future studies will likely support findings that opiates such as heroin and codeine increase longevity by inducing a comatose state. But few would claim that periodic heroin use is beneficial in improving one’s life. Let’s not be seduced into accepting isolated research findings as virtuous advances. Embracing a morally sound lifestyle shows the most promise in extending and improving the quality of life. Enhancing endogenous brain endorphin production by routine exercise and meditation, facilitates a quality lifestyle. Naturally, man desires a longer life span. Likewise, an associated increase in life span will occur as man adopts the following lifestyle and behavior modifications: swifter travel modalities (increased D); decrease in obesity(decreased E); acquire more sleep (decreased E); prayer (decrease E);universal love (decrease E); consumption of minimal amounts of wine (decrease E); reside in structures composed of denser building materials (increase M) such as granite high rises.

I would like to add a caveat while on the topic of Energy (E). Contrary to current popular belief and aside from acute injury, a lower bone density contributes to a longer life span. High bone masses require increased metabolic rates to maintain. Likewise, an increased Basal Metabolic Rate shortens life span. As Man evolves, he sacrifices the development of high bone density for superior brain development. Asian ethnic groups, known to have the lowest bone density, likewise have the longest life span. Hence, lower bone density promotes longer life. This may ultimately encourage the use of medicinal agents targeted to enhance osteoclast activity (cells that reabsorb bone tissue) in order to improve life span. Additionally, this may discourage the use of aggressive medicinal treatments used to build bone in order to prevent osteoporosis.

The human body, given its fine tuning due to an extensive evolutionary process, capitalizes on the energy (E) component of the Time Longevity equation. The body utilizes fever as a weapon to combat bacterial and viral offenders. By raising the body’s core temperature when faced with a crisis, effectively increasing Energy (E), the body’s immune system selectively shortens the life cycle of the offending bacterial or viral agent. Hence, fever can assist the body in its effort to destroy infecting organisms. However, the body must precipitously drop the temperature once the offending threat has been thwarted in order to circumvent its own demise. Fever, although an effective defensive tool, can also prove extremely hazardous if left unchecked. Severe systemic infections may increase the basal metabolic rate (E) beyond limits compatible with life.

We must also avoid the temptation to implement detrimental behavior patterns in an effort to extend life span. This is particularly true if newly adapted practices jeopardize the quality of life or blunt the creativity of the human mind. Our minds are our cherished tools that serve as the link to connect us to our higher power. Our minds resonate with one another allowing us to share our creativity and inspiration which may then develop into a material equivalent. No substance, compound, or medicinal agent should ever compromise this higher cerebral function. Our minds empower our capacity to connect to one another, our environment, and with God. We live to promote our thought capacity for now and beyond. Our bodies merely serve as our mind’s temporary housing. Alcohol excess can evoke the brain’s capacity for addiction, a biological disease. In all fairness, two glasses of red wine consumed on a weekly basis may have some positive health benefits. Red wine with its antioxidant properties coupled with relaxants, may enable us to cope with life’s rigors. But stronger types of alcohol such as whiskey, bourbon, rum, and vodka often tax the capacity of our liver’s detoxification capabilities and therefore cause systemic illness.

Time travel is also implicit to this discussion. As we photograph a tennis player strike a ball without the aid of a freeze frame lens, we see that motion is composed of a sequence of independent movements separated by distance and time. Likewise, photographing our solar system gives us the same effect. Photos of seemingly independent planets appear separated only by distance. But, however, this is effectively one of the same. Our solar system is the evolution of one planet only– Earth. Mars is earth’s future and Venus is earth’s past. The volcanoes on Mar’s surface are merely eroded Great Pyramids of Egypt. The eerie face peering at us from Mar’s surface is our own Great Sphinx looking towards the heavens. However, the dimension of time is well into our future. Time travel is before our eyes. What appears as a seemingly array of independent objects separated by various distances is merely one of the same. Given the temperature variation of Mars, global warming then becomes a moot point.

Let’s turn our sights to one of our most challenging issues, cancer. Is there a cure in sight? We race to find a cure but we must force ourselves to look beyond the narrow scope of our lens. Increasing distance (D) and mass (M) while decreasing energy (E) will not only increase life span but also may hold the definitive key to cancer’s cure. If we focus on energy (E), from a metabolic standpoint, we make reference to Basal Metabolic Rate. Whatever variable decreases basal metabolic rate likewise decreases the incidence of cancer. Current medical standards must be revised. At best, our attempts to preserve bone mass by medicinal means is in fact an absolute route to promoting the formation of cancer. Raising bone density increases metabolic rates. An increase in Basal Metabolic rate increases energy (E) which in turn shortens longevity (T). Hence, increasing bone density increases cancer. An increase in metabolic rate is an increase in energy (E) which causes a decrease in time longevity (T). Medicinal agents that increase bone density in post menopausal years directly shorten life span. God’s naturally occurring hormonal transition has been correct all along. The production of progesterone in women’s twilight years with the corresponding decline in bone mass potentiates the duration of life. Cancer is merely the byproduct of stimulating basal metabolic rates to an extreme thus creating a cellular replicating, self perpetuating vortex. We cannot eliminate this vortex by applying more energy such as radiation. In fact, we must do the very opposite. Hence, the promise for an absolute cure for cancer lies in the basal metabolic reductive capacity of cryogenics and frigid cold baths.

The following items below decrease energy (E) or Basal Metabolic Rate and therefore help PREVENT CANCER and increase Life Span:
– Decrease in Basal Metabolic Rate
– Decrease in Bone Density
– Osteoblast inhibitor
– Antibiotics
– Sleep
– Hibernation
– Estrogen Blocker (Tamoxifen)
– Osteoclast activator
– Meditation
– Coma
– Prayer
– Exercise
– Sex
– Love
– Classical and Jazz Music
– Relaxation
– Laughter
– Caloric Reduction
– Fasting
– Progesterone
– Depo Provera
– Excessive Cold
– Moderate Wine
– Lupron
– Decreased Body Mass Index

The items listed below increase Mass (M) and therefore help PREVENT CANCER and increase Life Span:
– Residing in the Great Pyramid of Egypt
– Residing in Stone House
– Residing in a Cave
– Burrowing and residing underground

The items listed below increase Distance (D) and therefore help PREVENT CANCER and increase Life Span:
– Space travel
– Flying
– Migration
– Forward Movement
– Swimming

The items listed below increase energy (E) or Basal Metabolic Rate and therefore CAUSE CANCER and decrease Life Span:
– Increase in Basal Metabolic Rate
– Increase in Bone Density
– Osteoclast Inhibitor
– Cigarettes
– Infection
– Fever
– Carcinogenic exposure
– Excessive Heat
– Genetic Predisposition
– Bacterial exposure
– Viral exposure
– Obesity
– Osteoblast Activator
– Sleep Deprivation
– Hate
– Anger
– Stress
– Fosomax
– Androgenic Steroids
– Unopposed Estrogen
– Cocaine
– Excessive Sun
– Mifepristone (RU486)

The items listed below decrease Mass (M) and therefore CAUSE CANCER and decrease Life Span:
– Residing in a trailer
– Residing in a tent

The items listed below decrease Distance (D) and therefore CAUSE CANCER and decrease Life Span:
– Sedentary lifestyle
– Stasis or staying still

*Some items listed above are currently theoretical and require case-control study to be regarded as scientific fact

Optimizing the physical laws of nature will assist us as we make progress in increasing longevity and eradicating cancer as a health menace. We must carefully observe and analyze many of nature’s obvious examples of perfection and harmony. These examples in nature all have purpose and intent and have required exponential years of evolutionary trial and error. As man universally harmonizes in the spirit of love, all things will ultimately be achieved.