The danger of scented aftershaves

One thing every potential user of an aftershave should bear in mind is that an aftershave should not be scented unless and until it uses natural oil for such purpose. The reason is that scents are made using cologne that contains alcohol and alcohol tends to dry out the skin giving it a bad stretched feeling. An aftershave which uses natural oil, though scented, will not result in such stretching of the skin or irritating feeling as a consequence of stretching.

Primary purpose

Use of aftershaves is common to prevent cuts and scratches that occur while shaving. Aftershaves contain antiseptic elements, mostly some form of alcohols that prevent the cuts and bruises from getting infected. But aftershaves today have many more characteristics making them favorites of a man.

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Perfumes in aftershaves

Modern aftershaves invariably contain some portions of perfumes. It does not matter whether it is a cheap or a considerably costlier variety of aftershave. Perfume contents in an aftershave has assumed so much prominence today that a fashion designer readily agrees to put their names on it like in case of Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein.


Packaging is one important aspect that adds to the natural attraction of a well perfumed aftershave lotion of Gel. A flashy and beautiful package is an added attraction for any one concerned in buying a particular commodity. Catering to these requirements of a user, the aftershaves are packed in different sizes, colors and types of glass bottles. However, the packaging has no role to play in respect to the protection or maintenance of skin which is the main purpose of an aftershave lotion or Gel.

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